The Road to Nursing Informatics

  1. Hello Everyone

    I am looking into transitioning from floor nursing to nursing informatics. I was hoping that someone could speak with some people that are currently in the field to so that I can make sure that I am on the right track in my career. I would really like to speak with rninformatics to get some information.

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  3. by   knittygrittyRN
    I'm a floor nurse that I literally just switched into informatics recently.

    Honestly my best advice is volunteer at your facility to work with your IT or informatics department. We were beginning to switch EMR systems so I became a super user and assisted in the classroom teaching my coworkers and did the go lives as elbow support for staff. Since my facility owns others I was able to gain more experience by working their go lives as well. I eventually applied for an informatics educator job which is what I'm doing now.

    I did ask others about whether a Master's in informatics would make me more competitive but many told me no. They felt it wasn't necessary and that I wouldn't have real world experience. That said I am doing a Masters in Nursing Education which is what gave me the leg up for my current position.

    I hope that helps some!
  4. by   mmc51264
    I find it funny that I am doing the opposite. I did not want a nursing education degree because I felt that limited me. I have a masters in teaching and finishing masters in informatics and planning on getting my DNP. Then I can teach anything. I am ortho certified and going to sit for diabetes education certification.
    What we are being told is that more and more places are going to be looking for a degreed informatics nurse. We have a few DNP nurses that are in INformatics and they teach at the the University level and do consulting for facilities changing to EHRs. One of my professors was out EPIC person and then was the first DNP and now has a great business helping systems get EHRs set up. It is going to be huge. All kinds of providers are going to need an EHR whether is it cloud-based or not for Meaningful Use and MACRA: eye doctors, dentists, all areas. Heck, even veterinarians are using them.
  5. by   aamanambu1
    Did your professor get their DNP in informatics