Teaching undergraduate nursing students to search the professional

  1. Subject: Teaching undergraduate nursing students to search the professional

    Would you please forward this request for survey participation to the
    Nursing Informatics discussion list?

    Thank you!

    You are invited to participate in a survey of health sciences librarians and
    nursing faculty to profile the preparation undergraduate nursing students
    currently receive in searching the professional literature. We are
    interested in doing this given the increasing emphasis upon evidence-based
    practice (EBP) within nursing and the importance that literature searching
    plays in EBP. We would like you to take part in this project by completing
    the survey which is accessible at the following Web address:


    The survey will take about ten minutes of your time. No personal information
    will be collected, nor will any institution be identified in the results. We
    plan to share what is learned through publication and/or presentation. You
    may choose not to participate as well as to withdraw at any time without
    penalty. Your participation in the survey provides implied consent.

    If you want to know more about this research project, please e-mail or call
    one of us. The project has been approved by Kent State University. If you
    have questions about Kent State University's rules for research, please call
    Dr. John West, Vice President of Research, Division of Research and Graduate
    Studies (330-672-2704).

    Thank you for considering this request!


    Barbara F. Schloman, Ph.D., AHIP
    Nursing Librarian
    Associate Dean and Professor

    Clare Leibfarth. M.L.S.
    Life and Health Sciences Librarian
    Assistant Professor

    University Libraries
    Kent State University
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