Survey: Nursing Terminologies

  1. A project is being conducted entitled: Standardized Nursing Terminologies: What are Nurses Experiences and Attitudes?

    As you are probably aware, there is currently a big move to computerize
    health records including nursing documentation. If nursing is to have
    our data in a format in which it can be used to demonstrate the value
    that we add to healthcare, we will need to use an ANA-recognized
    terminology for some of our documentation. Given the plethora of
    standardized terminologies, there is much confusion about this issue.

    Patricia Schwirian, PhD,RN--Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State
    University and Linda Thede, PhD,RN-BC--Professor Emeritus at Kent State
    University are interested in your opinions about the current nursing
    terminologies and their use or non-use. You are invited to participate
    in a survey to give use your opinions about the current situation.

    Please be advised that participation in this study is strictly
    voluntary on your part. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes or less to

    The survey has been approved by the Office of Responsible Research
    Practices of The Ohio State University's Research Foundation.

    The survey will be available starting today, October 1, 2009 and can be
    accessed at:

    Thanking you in advance for your participation

    Patricia M. Schwirian, PhD,RN Linda Q Thede, PhD,RN-BC

    Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus

    The Ohio State University Kent State University

    College of Nursing College of Nursing
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