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    Iam an RN working in Indiana. In Jan I went from staff Rn to Rn Analyst. Another Rn and myself were hired to the Information Services dept. as full time employees working on a temporary project. Both of us veterans in hosp with many years of nursing knowledge.
    Due to our present computer system being sunseted, our hosp purchased a new computer system. With this new package computerized clinical documentation is offered. My job is to put our current paper charting to computer. The software company educated my partner and myself to use the tools so we could build the computerized screens for our nurse charting.
    We recently have been told that we are now permanent employees on this project. We were also encouraged to maintain our nursing knowledge and certifications, and that the dept would help us do that.
    Since there is not a job class for Rn Analyst at our hosp. (The only place right now that does clinical documentation is our labor and delivery area. One person has done the main build of that system with the help of a few part time helpers from the area). At this time there is not a starting salary or top of scale for this line of work. My co-work and myself are trying to establish some grounds. We really need some input on salaries for jobs simular to ours. We would like to get some ranges to present from the midwest area, that would be fair. We have found that we are building a system and training the educator and she makes more money that us. Is there anyone that can give us some insite. We feel that we should acquire the top of scale for Rn nursing and a % for our computer knowledge? Are we reaching for the stars? We need pay ranges out there to substantiate our cause.

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    I don't think you are "reaching for the stars" in your desire to be compensated fairly. I will tell you that there are very few published salary ranges for these positions. I have been practicing in the specialty of Nursing Informatics for 4 years. When I made the transition from clinical Nursing to Information Systems it was considered a career change and your salary negotiations should take this into consideration. The sites below will give you some ideas and I have also included AMIA's site, which lists job titles and qualifications.

    Are either of you certified in Nursing Informatics, Database design or as information systems/computer applications trainers?
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    Hello - the field of informatics, although not new, is growing leaps and bounds. I have found that most companies and hospitals are hiring nurses for these positions. they need our expertise. I went for training about 2-3 years ago for just building electronic nursing forms. Although my primary role is management, I work in about 3-4 days a pay period doing electronic work. I also teach the nursing staff when new forms are released and follow-up with doing QA audits following the release of the forms. When I combined both roles, I received a significant increase in salary. I have found the salaries vary widely among these type of positions. I have a friend that also does the same thing I do at another hospital within the same city and earns about $5,000 more on the year than I do. Good luck with your role. It is very challenging and exciting!
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    I too am an RN and have been moved to Informatics Nursing. I am the only one of my kind and I work as the liason between the Outsourced Information Systems Department and the Patient Care Department. Recently, my boss has asked me to try to find out salary ranges for my position since I had to take a $200/month cut due to losing my Critical Care Diff. I don't believe that I should have been penalized for this move. So I am looking for any information that I can get on Salary ranges for Nursing Informatics.
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  6. by   PC Nurse
    I've seen several salary ranges in the DC metro area. Most vary with experience (of course) or the organizations support of nursing informatics. A large Baltimore hospital was starting Application Analysts with an MSN Informatics at $55,000, where another would start them at less than their general nursing salary because they were considered as entry level. They would still start around $40-45,000. I've seen entry level Application Specialists positions with consulting firms and software venders start at $45-50,000 for a person with only a nursing background - at one company annual increases were 5-10% though with bonuses and great stock, profit sharing and retirement funds. In a hospital here in DC, I am getting $75,000 in my 2nd year. I have 11 years of nursing with a total of 18 years of healthcare background and 3.5 years of Information Systems experience (Installations). This is a much higher range than my pure IS counterparts (systems managers and analysts $45-65,000) and actually higher than some of the I.S. VP's. This reflects my nursing and computer experience and my groups commitment to nursing and clinical informatics.
  7. by   rninformatics
    Hi PCNurse,
    What is the Nursing Informatics climate like in your geographical area? Is their a professional organization/support network available for you to use as a resource?
    Share with the board how you got started in this specialty, what type/scope of system you are currently in the process of installing and how are you utilizing your nursing background in IS?
    Some of my professional focus areas are the EMR, Decision Support, Provider Order Entry, Evidence-Based Practice and Handheld Technology.
    Are these areas being addressed at your institution?
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