PDA MedSurg Clinicals (Nursing Student)

  1. I just received a Sony Clie Color T615 with 16 mg. I plan to use this for my medsurg clinicals next semester, any suggestions for good software I should install on my new gadget? Also does anyone have experience downloading software form Skyscape or PDA Cortex? I also found a web site that sell all types of dictionaries including medical dictionaries. (Home Page)http://www.beiks.com/index.htm and (Dictionary Page)http://www.beiks.com/palmzonebg/Lexicons/Medical.htm The prices seemed good, and they let you demo the software for a couple of weeks or times. Any feedback on these companies is appreciated.
    Note: I just install a test trail of RN LABS, RN Diagnosis, and 5MM Clinical from Skyscape. After that I only had about 2.5 meg of memory left. the 5mm Clinical is geared toward medical diagnosis and takes ups around 7.5 M of memory. I am thinking of ditching the 5MM and trying the Davis Drug Guide for Nurses.
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    We had to buy PDAs for nursing school. I have an HP Jornada with 32 mb and ran out of memory and had to buy another memory card. I have RNLabs, RNDiseases, RNDrugs, Stedman's dictionary, and a Lippincott procedures manual. I haven't had any problems with Skyscape but it took a while to figure out how to dowload everything!
  4. by   rninformatics
    Have successfull been able to download apps from PDA Cortex and PEPID. FYI, PDA Cortex also has a listserve that you can post your questions to.