Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure

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    background on nursing practice information infrastructure

    the data element sets and terminologies are foundational to standardization of nursing documentation and verbal communication that will lead to a reduction in errors and an increase in the quality and continuity of care. it is through standardization of nurse documentation and communication of a patient’s care that the many nurses caring for a patient develop a shared understanding of that care. moreover, the process generates the nursing data needed to develop increasingly more sophisticated decision support tools in the electronic record and to identify and disseminate best nursing practices.

    to achieve our desired goals, however, nurses of all types (clinicians, administrators, academics, and researchers) must take responsibility to learn about and participate in the current information revolution. this site contains key content and links to information about the ana recognized data element sets and terminologies. the field of health informatics is dynamic and ever changing and we therefore welcome user input to ensure our content remains "state of the art," accurate, and useful.

    ana recognized terminologies and data element sets

    frequently asked questions about standardized terminologies

    1. what is the difference between a minimal data element set and a standardized terminology?
    2. why should nurses care about an information infrastructure for nursing?
    3. can the individual professional nursing make a difference?
    4. what can the individual professional nurse do to ensure an information infrastructure for nursing?

    committee for nursing practice information infrastructure (cnpii)

    vision - promoting quality nursing care through the science of information management.
    mission - vigorously promotes the broad use and ongoing development of information management standards including those for documenting, communicating, safeguarding and evaluating nursing care delivery that results in quality health care to the people of the united states.
    the committee for nursing practice information infrastructure (cnpii) is charged with:
    • serving as the primary authority for the ana on the nursing practice information infrastructure.
    • influencing health information policy at international, national, and state levels related to maintaining quality, integrity, security and confidentiality of personal, professional, and organizational or enterprise healthcare data and information.
    • disseminating knowledge about nursing's information infrastructures including languages and classification systems.
    • developing a strategic plan for managing and preserving nursing's information legacy
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