NIDSEC Standards draft for public review and comments

  1. An opportunity to give some feedback!

    Please go to
    to retrieve and review the draft NIDSEC standards posted for public comment.

    This is an opportunity for Informatics Nurses (and others) to comment on these Guidelines, which are used to evaluate computer systems for their ability to support Nursing Practice. The Guidelines are an excellent resource for Informatics Nurses in helping to understand what should be required of a vendor when selecting a system for Nursing.


    In December 1995, the ANA Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Nursing Information and Data Set Evaluation Center (NIDSEC). These standards are used in the ANA recognition program of information systems that support nursing practice

    The NIDSEC originated from a proposal by a joint Task Force appointed by the Congress of Nursing Practice Steering Committee on Databases to Support Clinical Nursing Practice and the Congress of Nursing Practice Committee on Nursing Practice Standards and Guidelines.

    Guidelines and Standards of Care:

    NIDSEC has developed standards to evaluate four dimensions of nursing data sets and the systems that contain them.

    Nomenclature (the terms used)
    ANA Recognized Classification Systems:

    Nursing Interventions Classification System/Nursing Outcomes Classification System
    Nursing Management Minimum Data Set
    Home Health Care Classifications
    Omaha System
    Patient Care Data Set
    Perioperative Nursing Dataset
    Clinical Content(the "linkages" among terms),
    Clinical Data Repository (how the data are stored and made accessible for retrieval), and
    General System Characteristics (such as performance and attention to security and confidentiality).

    The Standards follow the model of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

    Please go to
    to retrieve and review the draft NIDSEC standards posted for public comment.

    Then forward your recommendations to:
    Carol Bickford []

    by February 22, 2002. Feel free to have vendors, administrators, IS staff, and anyone with an interest provide comments. Input from international colleagues is welcome too!
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