NI2012 Student Volunteers Needed

  1. forwarding from the amia enews april 2012 vol 4 issue 13

    [color=#0636be][color=#0636be]ni2012 seeks student volunteers in exchange for waived registration fees

    student volunteers willing to work at the 11th international congress on nursing informatics, june 23-27, in montreal, in exchange for free registration (this does not include travel, hotel or meals), may submit an application by clicking here (
    ) . student members accepted into the program will serve as room monitors at tutorials, workshops, panels and scientific sessions. to qualify, each student member volunteer must agree to monitor six session slots during the course of the symposium. you must provide proof of your current student status, such as a letter from your university or a copy of your current student id, to qualify for the program.

    the deadline to submit your application is may 4. see [color=#c98f33]
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