NI internship at NIH

  1. NIH is looking for a nursing informatics graduate student who is interested
    in a 10 week paid internship at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Md.
    sometime between May and September 2005.
    This would be a rich experience for a student to participate in the
    implementation of the next generation of a Clinical Research Information

    There is a stipend of approximately $2,400-$2,700 per month available.
    The hours and dates are flexible and would be about 32-40 hours per
    Stipend information is posted at :

    This internship would also provide the opportunity to submit a student
    poster in August at the NIH student poster session.
    Please share this information.
    Application MUST be done on line at the web site below and March 1,
    2005 is the deadline.

    No travel expenses or housing are provided.

    To APPLY:
    1. go to Web site

    2. Select:
    Graduate School
    Internship Program in Biomedical Research

    3. Complete and submit application
    Student should select Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center as the NIH area.
    This internship is in the Clinical Center Department of Clinical Research
    Department and information is noted below.
    Department of Clinical Research Informatics
    The Department of Clinical Research Informatics (DCRI) serves the NIH
    intramural community through the integrated management of clinical,
    research, and administrative information. Services include project
    management for the selection, implementation, and communication of the
    next generation Clinical Research Information System (CRIS). Work
    encompasses analysis and evaluation of information needs and
    requirements; implementation and management of responsive information
    technology solutions; and development of patents and co-operative
    research and development (R&D) agreements. Emphasis is placed on
    strategies to assure confidentiality and security of patient
    information through authorization controls and system design
    The current electronic medical information system is a 300 terminal
    on-line system used by over 2000 physicians, nurses, and other
    professional hospital and research staff. DCRI staff is involved in
    the support, training and enhancements to this system, quality control
    of the related database of over 800 million results, and development
    of applications and instrument interfaces for Clinical Laboratory
    Medicine, Transfusion Medicine, and Radiology. Staff includes
    physicians, nurses, system analysts, information technology
    specialists and researchers. Opportunities are available for students
    to participate in the work of this department.

    Carol A. Romano PhD, RN, BC,CNAA, FAAN
    Deputy Chief,
    Department of Clinical Research Informatics
    National Institutes of Health
    301-435-6003 (tel)
    301-496-3009 (fax)
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  3. by   BSNgrad2004
    i am interested in going back to school for NI. just wondering if this internship program occurs annually?