New Scope & Standards for Nursing Informatics

  1. New Scope & Standards for NI will soon be available
    See below for details about major differences between this edition and the last

    The ANA Congress voted unanimous approval of the Scope & Standards on Sep 30th. The ANA is busy getting this into print and e-publication, targeting early Nov for release (at the AMIA annual conference).

    The differences between this edition and the previous one are substantial:

    1. Added a new construct to the metastructures (data, information, knowledge and now wisdom).
    2. Moved away from informatics positions to functional areas so that these
    are easily combined into unique positions.
    3. Emphasized the integration of informatics with others within and external to nursing (rather than separating NI from others as before).
    4. Updated NI competencies integrated into a matrix with the functional areas.
    5. Expanded ethics for informatics.
    6. Showed the impact of NI on nursing through a new model of a continuum of NI
    7. Developed an extensive section on the future of NI.
    8. Differentiated informatics nurse specialists and informatics nurse thro=
    ugh educational credentials.
    9. Telehealth nursing used as an example of how informatics will be integr=
    ated in all facets of nursing going forward.
    10. Recrafted standards to blend with other nursing standards while mainta=
    ining the uniqueness of NI.

    This work was completed by expert panel of 27 informatics nurse specialists.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Need help on understanding the changes in the standards and scope for NI. Can you tell me how wisdom will be measured in NI? Give me an example of a unique position in a functional area? What type of educational credentials will be used to distinguish the different NI practitioners?