need info on JA Thomas test for CDS position

  1. Interviewed for Clinical Documentation Specialist position at my hospital. Next have to take the JA Thomas test (software company that puts out the CDI program) and pass. Looking for anyone who has already done this? Advice on test....what its like, format (heard its narrative), difficulty, types of questions asked, ways to prepare, etc...any advice appreciated. I really want this job and want to pass!
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    I also would like information - at my hospital we have to take the "broad clinical exam" before we can even interview - I have 5 years experience and a BSN. Not sure what to study - does anyone have any ideas or information on this test? It's the JA Thomas Clinical Knowledge test. I am told it only has a 50% pass rate...thank to anyone for any advice you can give me!!!
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    Oh my gosh! Took the test today and it was HARD. I don't work in ICU and most of the questions were really geared toward that kind of knowledge. I would really like the job but don't know if I will even get an interview. I won't find out for a couple of days if I passed. Wish me luck!!
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    Experience and knowledge base. Yes it was hard. I recieved one of highest scores to date at my facility. I am not bragging, but I have been a nurse for almost 25 years, with skills in ICU, CVICU, CCU, ER and the cath lab. Studing is futal. You have to have critical thinking to pass this test and a knowledge base. They covered MI, CHF, surgical procedures, ortho and renal. You have to know what you know and think.
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    I started in this position in November and couldn't be happier. It is a great job with every day being different. You are on your own a lot and are expected to get your work done with minimal supervision. There is a lot to learn but so far I am loving it. I would encourage anyone needing a change from bedside nursing to try this role. :redpinkhe
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    I started yesterday. Loving it
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    I started last month. It's one of the most rewarding positions in nursing. It requires a lot of intuitive thinking and knowledge base. I think I'm going to sail through FNP clinicals due to this position. If you have the opportunity to apply, I say go for it.
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    I may also be taking this exam. Did you receive any information?
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    Hey EvetteRN, was wondering if you could tell me more about being a Clinical Documentation Specialist and in FNP school. I'm currently in school to be an Adult NP and was considering applying for a CDS position at my facility. Do you think it hurts your skills not being in direct patient care or helps you? Any advice/info you have would be helpful!
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    How far are you into your program? Doing clinicals yet? Learning a new job while in clinicals can cause added stress. If they are using the company I am familiar with, I had 12 weeks orientation. Are you working full time? Can you do this job full time and stil not loose your mind? I loved the job but had to return to bedside tO complete 16 hrs a week in clinical and work full time.
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    Quote from HANS01
    Interviewed for Clinical Documentation Specialist position at my hospital. Next have to take the JA Thomas test (software company that puts out the CDI program) and pass.
    Are there resources or study guides for JATA's CCA test?
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    To canchaser:

    I just started the program, not in clinicals yet and am in school only part-time. I currently work 40+ hours a week and am enrolled in 7 hours at school. My current position is along the line of assistant manager, there are 2 of us on the unit, one day shift and one night shift. I've always had an interest in nursing informatics/chart review but I also want to be a nurse practitioner. Not sure how I'm going to tie this together, of it that's even feasible. How long were you a CDS? Did you do the job while in NP school?