Mobile Computer-Spread Infections

  1. Concern Rises over Mobile Computer-Spread Infections By Neil Versel
    October 09, 2007 | Physicians are embracing computers and other health-IT at the point of care more than ever before, but with increased availability of technology comes greater scrutiny and a heightened awareness of potential problems, a new report suggests.

    Indeed, 65 percent of tech-savvy physicians surveyed this year are concerned that mobile computing devices could raise the risk of infection, according to a study on point-of-care computing from Spyglass Consulting Group (Menlo Park, Calif.). That is up from 25 percent who mentioned this potential hazard in a 2005 Spyglass report on mobile healthcare technology.

    This, according to Spyglass, should necessitate policies for use of handheld devices in the presence of patients. "Existing computing devices should leverage temporary infection barriers to prevent cross contamination, including keyboard condoms and Ziploc bags. New computing devices should be water-resistant and made of anti-microbial plastics," the report says.

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