1. Calling ALL Nursing Informatics Practitioners. This is an opportunity for you tell about your Nursing Informatics role, job responsibilities, and what you see as the future trends in Nursing Informatics. I took the survey and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

    On Behalf of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community.

    The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community is conducting a follow-up study of the 2004 HIMSS Nursing Informatics Survey. This year’s study is being sponsored by McKesson Provider Technologies, and we hope to capture current professional status and practice trends while identifying changes that have occurred over the last 3 years. Initial results will be presented during the 2007 HIMSS NI Symposium in New Orleans followed by subsequent press releases and articles with complete findings and analysis.

    Your participation in recruiting respondents is greatly appreciated. Please consider distributing information via your organizations distribution list or listserve. In 2004 we received 537 respondents and hope to increase the number dramatically for this updated survey. We would appreciate any assistance you can provide. The survey will be available at the link below through the end of November.

    The survey link is: http://surveys.himss.org/himss/Surve...D3F3598F473FD6


    The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community
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