Handheld Technology and Its Clinical Applications for Nursing

  1. "The accessibility and mobility that handheld technology can provide to
    clinical data needs to be communicated to nurses."

    The American Nurses Association's Standards and Scope of Practice for
    Nursing Informatics includes the use of "identifying and implementing
    information handling technologies" that support patient care and nursing
    practice. The Midwest Alliance for Nursing Informatics, in keeping with
    these Standards and Scope of Practice guidelines presents: HANDHELD
    The day long presentation will be held in Chicago in March
    of 2001.

    The program's goals will be to provide education on handheld technology, to
    investigate the clinical applications available for nurses (or lack thereof), to
    communicate how point of care documentation and data access can be
    facilitated by the technology and to discuss potential security implications
    related to the technology's use in the clinical setting. Presenters will be from
    RNpalm, the Nursing Informatics Working Group of the American Informatics Association and the Midwest Alliance for Nursing Informatics.
    PDA vendor representatives will provide device demonstrations

    Additionally, speakers will address the gap between the existence of handheld
    technology and it's actual clinical adoption by nurses.

    Point of care clinical data capture and access (allowing nurses to access
    clinical data close to the patient, wherever the patient may be) has long been
    considered a Nursing and Nursing Informatics practice ideal. Any technology
    that can be utilized at the bedside to assist nurses in patient care should be
    thoroughly investigated and fully utilized by Nurses.
    See: www.maninet.org
    and http://www.rnpalm.com/MANI.htm

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