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  1. [FONT=lucida grande]I am a credentialed epic trainer who is needing a little help. I am searching for a way to get into Epic for Certification training. From my understanding the only thing that is needed is a sign off from a training manager stating that its fine for me to go.
    [FONT=lucida grande]I would cover all my own expenses, literally all I need is the OK to go to this training.
    [FONT=lucida grande]I was wondering if there is anyone on this forum who would be willing to just sign off on this.

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Brownie50
    Unfortunately, you have been given the wrong information. There are really only two sure fire ways to become Epic certified.

    1. The hospital you work for, that is an Epic client, sends you to Epic to be certified

    2. A consulting firm, that has a client hospital who needs your services, can send you to Epic for certification. It used to be that a consulting firm could just send you to Epic for certification, if that firm had a contract with Epic. That is no longer the case per Epic's website. Most firms will have you pay up front, and then they reimburse you once you pass.

    There is a 3rd way, but not one that is readily available. You can get a contract with Epic as an Independent Contractor, and if you have a client that is an Epic client facility, that is willing to sponsor you, then you could pay your own way, but it is VERY expensive!