Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology

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    Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology

    Editor: Eileen M. Trauth, Ph.D.

    School of Information Sciences and Technology The Pennsylvania State

    As information technology (IT) has spread throughout all aspects of
    personal and work life, so too, has grown an interest in understanding
    more about those who use and develop IT, as well as those who are
    affected by it. This, in turn, has lead to an increasing interest in the
    demographics of IT developers and consumers. One demographic category of
    considerable research interest is gender. Consequently, a diffuse body
    of research related to the role of gender in human interactions with
    information technology has emerged in recent years. This body of
    research spans a number of disciplines including information science,
    information systems, computer science, education, women's studies,
    gender studies, labor studies, human resource management, and technology
    and society. The purpose of this research is to inform teachers,
    parents, educators, managers, policy makers and other researchers about
    such issues as the differences between women's and men's use of
    information technology and the under representation of women as IT

    In an effort to bring together this diffuse body of research so that it
    can better inform subsequent research and practice, an Encyclopedia of
    Gender and Information Technology is being produced. The objective is to
    develop an international compilation of research about the role of
    gender in human interaction with IT and the IT profession. It will be
    most helpful as it provides comprehensive coverage and definitions of
    the most important issues, concepts, trends and research devoted to the
    topic of gender and IT. This important new publication will be
    distributed worldwide among academic and professional institutions and
    will be instrumental in providing researchers, scholars, students and
    professionals access to the latest knowledge related to research on
    women and men with respect to information technology. Contributions to
    this important publication will be made by scholars throughout the world
    with notable research portfolios and expertise.

    Coverage: The Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology will
    provide an international compilation of research on the topic of gender
    and information technology from a broad range of perspectives.

    Contributions by leading experts as well as emerging investigators are
    welcome. This volume will feature short articles (3,000-3,500 words)
    that provide an overview of research being carried out around the world
    related to gender and IT. Chapter submissions will be peer reviewed. We
    welcome both empirical and conceptual chapters.

    Invited Submissions: Individuals interested in submitting short articles
    (3,000-3,500 words) on a topic related to gender and information
    technology should submit an email proposal to
    GenderITEncyclopedia@ist.psu.edu by October 15, 2004. Upon acceptance of
    your proposal, you will have two months to prepare your article and 7-10
    related terms and their appropriate definitions. Guidelines for
    preparing your short piece and terms and definitions as well as a sample
    article and terms and definitions can be found on the main menu of this
    project at


    Please forward your email proposal including your name, affiliation and
    a short description of your topic to Eileen Trauth, editor, at
    GenderITEncyclopedia@ist.psu.edu no later than October 15, 2004. Upon
    notification of the acceptance of your proposal you will be asked to
    write a 3000-3500 word article in two months. This book is scheduled for
    publishing by Information Science Publishing (an imprint of Idea Group
    Inc.) in 2006.
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