dual degree at the undegrad level


    A dual degree in Nursing and Technology at the undergrad level!

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  3. by   Mariah
    Does this offer a Engineering degree along with the nursing degree or does it grant the nursing degree alone. It was difficult to tell from the description.
  4. by   Mariah
    Sorry, I should have looked further into the engineering dept. It gives both a nursing degree and a "Applied Science" degree. The engineering dept offers two degrees - Applied Science and Engineer. Engineer degree is for those wanting to pursue an engineering career. Their statement is "The Bachelor of Applied Science degree offers students breadth and allows them to combine a technology-based degree with considerable course work in the liberal arts, communications, or fine arts. It is designed primarily for students whose interests are not oriented toward a professional engineering career. It is a popular degree option for those preparing for careers in medicine, business, and law. " This will be ideal for many informatics nurses who want a stronger technology background at a BS level without an official engineer or computer science degree. It is great for nurses and people wanted to be nurses to have options.