Documentation of the Nursing Care

  1. The Maryland Workforce Commission is please to announce the release of a
    report titled:
    Challenges and Opportunities in Documentation of the Nursing Care of Patients: A Report of the Maryland Nursing Workforce Commission, Documentation Work Group.
    The report is authored by: Brian Gugerty, DNS, RN, Michael J. Maranda, PhD,
    Mary Beachley, MS, RN, CNAA, Victoria B. Navarro, MAS, MSN, RN, Susan Newbold, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN, FHIMSS, Wahnita Hawk, LPN, Judy Karp, RNC, OCN, Maria Koszalka EdD, RN, Steven Morrison, JD, Stephanie S. Poe, MScN, RN and Donna Wilhelm, RNC.

    The report includes the results of a survey of 933 Maryland nurses and
    recommendations of the Work Group.
    You may access the report via
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