Delphi Study Results - NI Competencies

  1. Follow the link below to the see Informatics Competencies for Nurses. How do your informatics skills measure up to the suggested competency for your level of nursing experience?

    Here's the link to the work of Staggers, Gassert, & Curran:
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  3. by   chedtawut
    I am a student Thai nurse. I want to study about nursing informatics need of Thai nurse in professional level. I try to search "scopes and standards of nursing informatics in USA" from internet. But only answer that I get was to buy a Book with the same topic I want. I think everyone know that Thai salary nurse is cheap when compare with US nurse.So the cost of the book is too expensive for me. So I hope that someone will help me, give me the detail of scopes and standards of nursing informatics. Thank you for your kind.