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  1. Hi all! So I am interviewing with a big IT healthcare company soon and it is for a Clinical Nurse Strategist position. I would be involved with teaching and implementation of Go Live's among other things....

    Anyway, I wanted to know what the careerpath is for this type of position? I would be leaving bedside nursing for this and I want to make sure there is opportunity to grow and that I am going to be marketable no matter where I am. I don't want to be limited to just the few EHR companies out there. My only concern is when I do random job searches there are no postings for a Clinical Strategist anywhere but that one it called something else at other companies? Would the type of work I'd be doing classify me as Nurse Informaticist?

    A lot of the searches I did have similiar job titles but they are all temp positions within Hospitals that basically state the job would be over after their go live period.

    With this type of experience as a clinical strategist could I ever get back in to a Hospital setting and if so what type of work would i be doing?

    I just want to make sure this isn't going to be a dead end for me. At some point, all Hospitals in the country will have transitioned to EHR's so at that point will these types of positions just end?

    Any ideas, input, etc would be great!
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