Canadian Nursing Informatics Association Presents NursingInformatics eRounds

  1. Information I have received from another source that gave permission to forward:

    The Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA), in connection with
    Longwoods Publishing and Bell Canada Enterprise is pleased to offer
    Nursing Informatics eRounds. This eLearning initiative is available to
    nursing professionals and students worldwide interested in advancing
    knowledge, career and ultimately the care of patients through the
    optimum use of information technology.

    This no-cost program is dedicated to promoting the understanding of
    information technology and its impact on the daily delivery of
    healthcare. The executive editor of the program Dr. Lynn Nagle, PhD,
    Senior Vice President, Technology and Knowledge Management, Mount Sinai
    Hospital and President, Canadian Nursing Informatics Association has put
    together a series of ten short presentations, approximately 20 minutes
    each demonstrating the impact of informatics in today's healthcare

    Each presenter's credentials meet with standards set by Dr. Lynn Nagle.
    Contact information for each presenter is available for discussion

    All nursing professionals are invited to add this program to their
    self-directed learning activities. A certificate will be issued to
    members of CNIA or Longwoods HealthcareBoard after successful completion
    of the eRounds.

    Access is simple. Just click here.

    For more information please email Lina Lopez, Manager, Professional
    Services (

    P.S. Forward this email to colleagues and associates who need to know
    about nursing informatics too.


    Rebecca Hart
    Manager, Publishing Services
    Longwoods Publishing Corp
    t: 416-864-9667
    f: 416-368-4443

    The CNIA is pleased to present this program in the interest of advancing
    your knowledge, your career and ultimately the care of your patients.
    Our collaborators agree and so the program is being published on line
    for CNIA by Longwoods Publishing with an educational grant and
    sponsorship in-kind from Bell Canada.
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