2007 HIMSS Nursing Informatics Survey Results Released

  1. 2007 HIMSS Nursing Informatics Survey Results Released

    The 2007 HIMSS Nursing Informatics Survey, supported by the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Committee and sponsored by McKesson builds on research that HIMSS conducted in 2004. The 2004 research suggested that nurse informaticists played a critical role in the implementation of clinical information and documentation systems. The data from the 2007 results validate these results and suggest that while nurse informaticists continue to play an important role in the installation of nursing applications, they are also playing an increasingly important role in the installation of all clinical applications.
    Other key survey findings and comparisons to 2004 include:
    Respondents: The majority of the 776 nurse informaticists who participated in this research continue to work in a hospital setting--54 percent work at a hospital and another 16 percent work at the corporate offices of a healthcare system.

    Clinical Background: In both 2004 and 2007, approximately half of the respondents indicated that they had at least 16 years of clinical experience prior to beginning their informatics career. Half of the respondents reported that at least part of their background was derived from working on a med/surg floor; 43 percent reported having previous experience in the ICU.
    Informatics Training: Respondents to the 2007 survey (34 percent) were more likely than those in the 2004 survey (21 percent) to report that they have formal informatics training. Further, another 12 percent of respondents are presently enrolled in a program that will confer a certificate or degree upon completion. The increased number of individuals enrolled in formal programs is a direct reflection of the recognition by both the industry and academia of the importance of nursing informatics as a nursing specialty.
    Duration of Informatics Career: As expected, nurse informaticists in the 2007 survey have had longer careers than those who reported to the 2004 survey. One-third of respondents report that they have been a nurse informaticist for at least ten years; another quarter have moved into the field in the past two years. As in 2004, the majority..........


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