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I went to the nursing department's info fair at the CC that I attend last week. It was very informative. There were about 50 of us. They said that they admit students for the Fall and Spring semesters. 155 for Fall and 54 for Spring. I am aiming for the Spring 2005 semester. They said that for the Spring 2003 semester they had 500 applicants. I hope that I make it. I have to retake a math course because I only got a C+ in it and the head of the department says that even though a C+ is acceptable it won't get me into the department. The rest of my grades are B+ and above.

So next semester I am taking AP1 and algebra and trig. Oh joy joy. I haven't taken algebra since 1991. I actually like it I just cannot seem to grasp it. I hope now that I am 12 years older to will sink in a little better.



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Good luck, Tracy. I hope you enjoy your next line-up of classes. Just curious, but do you need Trig? Most schools don't require it as part of the prerequisites for nursing. Maybe an academic advisor can help you make sure you're not taking anything you don't need to make the cut for Jan of next year.


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The head of the department said that since there were so many applicants for the Spring admission. The higher the grade the better. I need one math class. Since I only received at C+ the first time around she suggested that you retake any prereq that you received C+ or below in. I am taking algebra since even though I am not that great in it I like the most out of all the other math classes.


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