Take NLE or NCLEX right away?

  1. Hi! I graduated Nursing in 2008 but was not able to take the NLE and gain hospital experience after graduating because I had a id at an early age and working in the call center industry was "the only option" I thought was best at that time. Now, I have been self-reviewing for this year's NLE (I cannot afford to leave work because I'm the breadwinner of my family) when a friend advised me to take the NCLEX direchtly because New York does not require me to be a local board passer. I've been planning to go to California but if I can take the NCLEX so I can work in New York (or another State that doesn't require me to ba a local board passer), I will definitely take that route. I'm really unsure which one is better and if that facts are correct (mo luck with my research on the facts yet). Any advice?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Current wait for a EB3 visa for someone born in the Philippines is 2 years so may be worth taking the local exam and if possible look for nursing work and gain experience. 10 years is a long time to be out of nursing and may not make yourself appealing to employers
  4. by   mommykai
    Thank you, @silvergradon, for the advice. I totally agree with what you said, and I have to get the needed experience since the last time I was in the hospital was during my college years. I have to admit tho, it's very difficult to self-study for the local board exam and work at the same time.