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hi. i would just like to ask if QC Gen. is accepting nurses for training or volunteer work. i'm from quezon city. i just finished my training in quirino memorial medical center last july, and i'm... Read More

  1. by   bingowingo
    I am wondering why QC General Hospital is still conducting its training fee(volunteer work) when this was already stopped by the DOH in their memo last October. This program has been changed to RN Heals wherein the new nurses are made to undergo 1 yr training with pay not the other way around. didnt they get the memo from DOH?
  2. by   Rinkishikika
    Do you have any idea about the contents of their qualifying exam?
  3. by   hebrewprincess
    hi! you happen to know if they are still accepting applicants as of now? :?
  4. by   Jaqiroque
    Hi you guys, a little help here. I would just like to know if when will be the next date for the passing of nurse-training applications? I sure hope they have this December or better yet next year, early January.
  5. by   cherie rn
    Is the result of the exam out yet? hope we pass the exam..
  6. by   zhirepotRN
    hi cherie, just wanna ask when did you took the exam?
  7. by   zmer
    Whoa! I passed the exam! Guys, the results are already posted.. The orientation is on Feb. 6.. Hmm.. Does anybody know what's the next step? Do we have to attend the orientation first before we pay for the training? or we must pay first before orientation?
  8. by   zmer
    We took the exam last December.
  9. by   zmer
    oh.. I forgot the time of orientation Can somebody post the time of orientation here? thanks!
  10. by   zhirepotRN
    thanx zmer and goodluck to your training.
  11. by   oinkoink
    9am at QCGH SB hall
  12. by   eccentric soul
    i still don't have nurse trainee uniform, where can i purchase or look for a tailorshop to make me one? can anyone answer. pls... but i know that it is okay to wear the school uniform if there is still no uniform available... thank you
  13. by   shinmae
    Hi i just want to ask if you know when would qcgh hire trainees/volunteers again? tnx