Qualifying Exam for Fressenius-Makati - page 3

Hi all does anyone from this forum have idea about the exam in Fressenius-Makati? I was told by the HR that the exam will be next week already, You might have ideas on the exam...please share..thanks... Read More

  1. by   kljanna
    hello cathybedrio, i have one year of staff experience and 7 months volunteer..i went there last friday..and the offer is 10k a month..3 months lecture first and competencies, but i'm afraid i cannot join their july 6 batch because i'm not yet done with my ivt..the hr told me to finished my ivt first, then follow-up my application for august batch...did you try to apply at fresenius?
  2. by   optimistic,RN
    Nope.. Ive never try to apply in Fressenius because I don't have any 1 year experience in hospital settings..Anyway thanks for the reply.. Good luck on your new career!! God Bless!
  3. by   nurseharbee
    @ cathy,

    heheh you dont need it anymore cathy your an airforce nurse already:-)
  4. by   janirish
    hi guys, is fresenius-makati still accepting applicants? thanks for the reply..
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  5. by   janirish
    hi guys, is Fressnius-makati still accepting applicants?.. i have 3 years exp in a hospital but my problem is my IVT license expires last april.. will they still accept my application? thanks for the replies..
  6. by   kljanna
    wow cathybedrio...you are also fortunate coz ur an airforce nurse!! by the way good luck also!!
  7. by   kljanna
    hi janirish..i think yes, they are still accepting applicants..when i applied in their office i don't have an ivt yet..they told me to finished my ivt first then follow up my application with them..the HR their is accomodating by the way..
  8. by   optimistic,RN
    Thanks Kljanna!! congrats too coz you landed a job in Fressenius-Makati!! God is so Good to all of us!! May God Bless you!!
  9. by   cephalgia
    do they accept without experience?
  10. by   janirish
    hi Kljanna, thanks for the reply.. ill submit my reqts asap.. thanks
  11. by   jsb831
    hi guys, can you please give me directions on how to go Fresenius-makati coming from congressional ave,q.c?thank u, thank u:wink2::wink2:
  12. by   nurseharbee
    Just take MRT from North ave going to magallanes station, Fresenius is just at the back of Southgate Mall...
  13. by   jsb831
    thanks nurseharbee