hi..can i ask somebody here, have an idea about the training in ospital ng maynila or anybody who have been an experiences there.please share your experiences:)..sharing your experience is very much... Read More

  1. by   ninap_12
    any news at ospital ng maynila? are they open for training program?
  2. by   Loveem
    Ospital ng maynila is on freeze hiring. Does anyone knows any jospitals hu accepts applicants?
  3. by   allan.RN09
    Hi to all. I would like to know if Ospital ng Maynila is still accepting training programs. I'm still here in Brunei and will be back in the Philippines this April. I've heard that they have several requirements (like other hospitals) before you can undergo their Basic Training Skills. Kindly give me details for the following:

    Training Program:
    Training Fee:
    Duration of the Training:
    Contact Information:

    Thank you very much in advance to those who can provide me info. God bless
  4. by   mykopiko
    Quote from ninap_12
    any news at ospital ng maynila? are they open for training program?
    I'm included in the supposedly january-march batch but unluckily they told us that the mayor instructed them to freeze the volunteer nurse program. as of the moment there were no definite date on when will they resume it (or if they still have plans of resuming it).
  5. by   memeyn
    hi! can anyone pm me the requirements for ospital ng maynila? as well as the details for the letter of intent. please. could anyone help me?
    i heard it's freeze hiring but im still going to pass the requirements. thank youuuu!
  6. by   diKALAmi
    me too. i would like to know the requirements and hospital director and chief nurse of Ospital ng Maynila for the letter of intent. I'm hoping someone could help me.
  7. by   Cynica
    Hi, is Ospital ng Maynila currently open for applications? thanks