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  1. Hi to all-

    I would like to ask from everyone here. I graduated my BSN course, year 2006. So unlucky me, was part of the leakage issue. Anyway, i retook the board and passed again. From then on, I haven't practiced my profession for I need to help my family financially. I've been working in the call center industry for almost 5 years now. I don't know if there is still hope, but I really want to practice my profession.
    I am now on the stage of so much frustration. I would want to do voluntary work, the thing is, you need to pay for it.

    I just hope everyone can help me with this,

    "Is it true that the MOH hire nurses who doesn't have work experience?"

    "If so, how would I be able to go with the step by step process?"

    Please please need everyone's soonest response.

    Thanks much
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  3. by   mikeru22
    Nurses like us who did not have any hospital related job can apply as a nurse trainee in any DOH accredited hospital all throughout the country under the Registered Nurses for Hospital Employment and Local Services (RNHEALS) program wherein you will be working like a regular nurse under a supervision of another nurse-mentor for a year. Unlike just volunteering for nothing, you will be compensated by an 8k allowance monthly and the good thing about this is that some nurse-trainees are eventually offered a plantilla position (regular position) before or shortly after the 12-month training concludes.

    Like you I did not have any hospital related jobs before until I applied at the National Center for Mental Health as a Psychiatric Nurse Trainee under the RNHEALS program. I had a very promising and stable career in the biggest and most prestigious BPO in the country as an SME when I finally took the courage to leave the above average salary and budding career just to pursue my real passion.

    It took me 4 years before finally getting to where I am at right now and it was really a tough decision to do so. I am not the sole breadwinner at home but not being able to pay for different utility bills and not being able to provide for weekly groceries and emergency needs really make me stressed out but I am willing to make these sacrifices for the mean time and who knows, I can finally be absorbed as a regular nurse after a year.

    There is still hope for nurses like us. I graduated in 2008 and unlike most of my fellow nurses in the BPO industry who just totally turned their back from the nursing profession, I have been able to keep my desire to practice nursing ardently burning for years. You can try submitting your application for the RNHEALS program in the last quarter of this year to any DOH hospitals near you so you won't have to volunteer anymore.

    I'm not quite sure about the process for MOH screening but getting some sort of experience will surely be a big asset for you. I have heard from our staff nurses that some fellow RNHEALS were hired abroad and they were able to use their experience in the training program as an edge to work abroad as nurses.
  4. by   jadedme
    Hi there. Dont lose hope. I graduated 2009 and was also working in callcenter. I also got promoted to tl and then sme but i got tired of it. Maybe i knew in myself that i can do better than answer calls and listen to other people's **** so i really tried my luck last year and fortunately was able to get myself a voluntary work at vluna general hospital. Maybe you can go there because theyre holding exams for those who are interested to get free training and actually theyre conducting exams this month so better go there now.
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  5. by   superpalits
    Graduated BSN last April 2012 passed board exam last June2012. Currently working in callcenter got basic salary of 20k per month and magwa one yr mko next month. Planning to resign 2months from now and will take some courage sa pag aapply as a nurse. Planning to train sa TMC Ortigas yung 7.5k for 1 and a half month. Pag pumasa another series of exam and training pero 2.5 na lang then exam interview pag pumasa hired. Sana!!
  6. by   CJ NV
    It's really sad,it's difficult to get nursing jobs in the Philippines.I know of some friends who worked at call centers after nursing graduation because of the higher pay.The longer you stay at the call center,the possibility is you'll lose interest in your nursing profession.It will be a huge sacrifice on your part volunteering in hospitals without pay and financially.But if nursing is really where your heart is set,then you'll do everything in your power to make it happen.Persistence and perseverance always pays off.Gaining good nursing experience,knowledge and skills is very important especially if you plan to go abroad.It's a decision you'll have to make.Hope this helps and good luck to you..