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  1. by   rheezjar
    yes, carl_marimar, we're on the same agency...sometimes i really feel like backing out but waiting for four months is not easy so patient keeps me strong... maybe it's ok to wait but i hpe the Libya Gov't can give us concrete date of flight to give us hope... and i hope the agency does his part to do the follow-up and ask the Embassy on the update of our ticket... moreover, i really don't know if it is true that the embassy doesn't allow us to see the visa...
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  2. by   JLLandero
    @carl_marimar, I really do hope that your offer is more than a thousand LD. If you have longer than 3 years worth of experience (and if you are in a special area), they would give you an increase base on that.
  3. by   cyber7112002
    hi carl_marimar and rheezjar, I have applied in an agency (not same as yours), they told me to come back on Monday. i assume it would be for an interview, what do you think should I expect? Thanks!
  4. by   nursejoe15
    wow.. the thread is on its 5th page..heheh..hopefully I get to leave for libya before it gets more than 10th or 20th page..
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  5. by   mmstar
    hi, guys.. i worked as a volunteered nurse for just 6 months. now i'm working as a private duty nurse ..
    i just want to ask if there is any agency in libya not that strict that will entertain my application tnx...
  6. by   JLLandero
    Um, actually just to let you know... Libya is not that strict. Period. Try Filsino or Hopewell.
  7. by   carl_marimar
    i just receive a message last day informing me that my visa is already ticketing is just the issue. i hope you receive the text message excited about the update because in for months this is pretty good telling me that my visa is available...see you ans hope to see you in person...
  8. by   carl_marimar
    i am positive to travel to libya compare to stay here with my salary. much worst in saudi. even manila is not safe..much safer than libya if we work.. in manila, are not sure in your safety because people in the same race rob or even snatch kapwa pinoy....haist
  9. by   carl_marimar
    first thing to do is try to know if the salary is competitive and the process is clear. unlike to us...we waited for 4 months and just yesterday they texted us that our visa is already available..
  10. by   carl_marimar
    yes.. my friend also receive an offer of 1200 ld.. i believe that is good...since the salary offer to other country esp in KSA is not that high
  11. by   carl_marimar
    u can also text me 09165457964...i am updating also some filsino applicant is have ako updates....
  12. by   JLLandero
    The reason why those things are happening.... "it's Free Libya" --- thus they feel they can do anything... everything they wanted. It's like they have been kept in a cage for so long they ought to get wild just to burst out their bottled feelings after 42 years.

    Sad to say too about the recent report of a British ambassador and his convoys being blasted by an RPG.

    Well... I will stress out again... LIBYA HAS NO NURSING COUNCIL. Libya is not a member of the GCC. If you have more than 3 years of hospital paid experience, go to Qatar under Hamad Corp or MOH Kuwait where salary offer is much higher. Or you can even apply in Australia, UK or NZ.

    I will admit though that I do love Libya as a place to be because of the simple living. However experience wise especially for nurses? Not so.
  13. by   carl_marimar
    i do know that..libya is not that kind of country esp for nurses but the reality dictate me to atleast try my new venture..salary is good and i do need to change my working environment. i am motivated to work until 2020 if god is willing. i am also planning to work australia but my application is not yet issue is the main thing. in here..i recieve atleast 50k pesos and that can help me to continue my application..god bless to all nurses who applied to libya moh....theres a good fortune waiting for us......pray and have faith,...thanks to you jllandero