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Hi y'all! I just graduated this March, will be taking the board in November. Since I have months of studying ahead of me, I'd like to ask for tips on how to top the board. Since I have all... Read More

  1. by   piquant
    Quote from porkfat
    Currently I'm brushing up on my poor foundation, since I have a lot of time on my hands. And it's true what another poster said; because the more I study, the more I realize that I don't know anything!
    Hi porkfat! I noticed that too, now that I am reviewing for the boards, I realized how little I know and how much there is to learn...and I'm also bothered with the fact that there really is no way to know everything...

    Goodluck! Hope we can make it!

    Hi Messageinabox! I already sent you an email! thanks!
  2. by   porkfat
    Hi piquant! Good luck! Are you using Saunders right now? I'm about to buy one. I'm also NOT enrolling in a review center. Everyone I know is telling me I'm making a mistake by not doing so.

    Hi messageinabox! I hope you get hired soon. Maybe you can apply again to Saudi?

    Yeah you guys are right. It's impossible to know everything.
  3. by   messageinabox
    Thanks porkfat. I hope so too. I'm giving myself til September this year, if by then I am not still able to land myself a nursing job, I'll eat humble pie and go back to my agency and beg to accept me back.

    Saunders is good but in my experience Mosby's better.
  4. by   messageinabox
    Quote from piquant
    Hi Messageinabox! I already sent you an email! thanks!
    Already sent you my lectures thru email. Good luck!
  5. by   hearty_doll
    Re: I wanna be a board topnotcher. Help me pleeeeease Yes, it is VERY okay for you to read as many Q&As as possible. And it is doable, I graduated October 2008 and took my NLE Nov 2008. After graduation, I didn't read any books aside from the Q&A books I have.

    I'm currently a review lecturer for Nursing Leadership and Management, I could send you my lectures if you like.

    Another thing, posting (using manila paper) your hard-to-remember concepts on the walls, ceiling, behind the door, and even behind the bathroom door will help you memorize.

    hi messageinabox..i just read this and if you would be please,,can i ask how i can get intouch with you so i can ask for your lectures...thanks in advance..
  6. by   messageinabox

    already sent you via PM my email address.
  7. by   piquant
    Thanks messageinabox. I havent been online for a while cuz i was very busy reviewing...i managed to finish the MS questions in nclex3500 and pedia/mcn/psych from saunders....i hope i will also manage to remember the rationales by heart. hehe! i know the hardest questions will be coming from CHN and LMR....thats a different story...i only read my notes and sample exams from carl balita (the notes you sent me, I'm saving them in my folder now! hope i'll have time to read them! :-)... For those taking the boards this June 6, best of luck!!
  8. by   gambutrol
    What I did was I brushed up on the basics in the early stages of my review.. I brushed up on anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and basic concepts in nursing.. after that I reviewed on the major nursing subjects.. I focused on topics that's not my forte.. I only self-studied on the first half of my review.. then I only went to a review center for final coaching.. I answered as many review questions as I can.. In order to memorize special infos I tried devising mnemonics.. mnemonics that I devised and mnemonics presented on different review materials (like the one presented on the ABCs of Gapuz and the book Carl Balita).. I did not buy the actual book, I only borrowed those books from friends..

    you should have a time frame for reviewing and be strict about it.. for example, for week 1 you should have finished reviewing about MCN.. for week 2 you should have finished reviewing about psychotherapeutic drugs.. etc.. etc..

    don't review if you're mind is not ready.. don't review if their are many distractions or if you're not interested.. remember that retention is increased if you have full attention on the review.. it's best to review just before or right after waking up.. there's a scientific study that you have better retention during these times..

    try to have a table of important infos like the IMCI, immunization sched, pathognomonic signs of different diseases, crutch walking, nursing theories and the like..

    focus on topics that aren't usually given on examinations.. like nursing management, jurisprudence etc..

    and of course prayers could move mountains..

    this worked out for me.. although I did not made it in the top 10 (Nursing Board exams-December 2006).. I have incurred 85.40% (number 14 unofficial).. I also placed top 1 in the midwifery board exams (I wouldn't tell you what year, because my real name will become a give away.. hehe..)

    you have a good goal.. focus on that.. just as the commercial says, "great things start from small beginnings" although the board rating is not a guarantee that you would land a nursing job, I think this will really boost your self-confidence and this will be something that you'll be proud of for the rest of your life..
  9. by   hearty_doll
    hi messageinabox..i sent you email already..hope to hear from you..God bless..and thanks..
  10. by   plethoraldork
    hi messagenibox, if you don't mind could you also share to me your review notes? i wil be taking the NLE this november also. and i think it would be of great help. thanx
  11. by   messageinabox
    @hearty doll and plethoraldork,

    I'm in the process of looking for copies my notes. I have reformatted my PC last May and still unable to find them. Will let you guys know. Good luck!
  12. by   periwinklechan
    hey guys! I want to be a board topnotcher too.. I need help

    there were a lot of people who lets me down, just because the always see me as a jester and a brat,
    I want to show them I can do something good, that I can be better..
    I dont have problems with my academics , I think having an average of 2.00 in NCM 100-105 wasn't bad.. I hope..

    I have a plenty of time, I will take JUNE/JULY 2011 board exams.. and I will start my self review in January.. seriously..

    sure you can help me big time by sending in some lectures, because I believe I still got a lot of things to learn ^_^

    thanks so much
  13. by   nr-rubi
    Quote from messageinabox
    Hi porkfat,

    If you want to be a board topnother you really have to want it. As in WANT it. You should be willing to have more sacrifices than others and exert extra effort, extra time, extra dedication for this dream. Since you will be taking your NLE in November you will have plenty of time to harness your theoretical foundation and enough time to condition yourself for the NLE.

    You're thinking, "Would my chances of topping the boards better if I enroll in a Review Center?" My answer, Not necessarily. I landed 5th Place in the recent November 2008 NLE and I didn't enroll in a review center. And I know some topnotchers that did it without having to enroll in one, too.

    Here are my tips and advices:

    1. Formulate a schedule for yourself, the one you can easily adhere to. Unrealistic schedules will only cause you frustration and in my opinion will only increase your anxiety.
    2. Perform a self-evaluation. What are the subjects that seems to be difficult for you? Allot extra time in your schedule for those.
    3. If you think your theoretical foundation is sound enough, start with answering questions.
      • My advice, use NCLEX review materials first. It will strengthen what you already know and will aid you to understand some concepts that is vague.
      • Here are the books that I used:
        • Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-RN by Billings
        • David's NCLEX-RN by Lagerquist
        • Mosby Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN by Saxton
        • NCLEX-RN Review by Stein
        • Prioritization, Delegation, Assignment by Lacharity
        • Saunder's Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN by Silvestri
        • Saunder'sComprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN by SIlvestri
        • Complete NCLEX-RN Review by Gauwitz
        • NCLEX-RN Review Guide by Chernecky
        • Mosby Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN by Saxton
        • NCLEX-RN Pearls
      • I also suggest you make a improvised answer sheet similar to the answer sheet for the NLE. It would help you make you lines more straighter and you could have some "techniques" on how to shade properly
    4. Keep a log on your scores and if you still have time. Retake the same exams and compare your scores.
    5. Lastly, but not the least, always PRAY. Seek His guidance, you will need it.:heartbeat

    Hope this helps.

    >>>hello Messageinthebox.... I didn't realize that NCLEX reviewers are useful in the NLE until I failed... Instead I study the large large textbooks specifically(Brunner and Suddarth's) Little did I know that I was running out of time reading chapters 1 to 10 and transferring important details to a green notebook that I have. Because I only finished up to chapter 10... and the important chapters are in the adult disorders that is chapters 11 and above (I didn't even got to see the pages) so frustrating... ( a big mistake) I failed in Nursing 3 and 4 which is solely focused in medical surgical (60 and 61) but the rest I got 79-80-77 it's so unfair ... So today I decided to make it different I bought Saunders comprehensive review 5th edition for the content and Lippincott's by Diane Billings as my Question and Answer guide... I hope I will make it this time... But I have a problem I don't have research notes... I don't wan't to go to review centers because I'm an easy to go with type person and can never concentrate because I cannot live without talking... So sir favor please>...>>> Can u send me any research type notes or questionnaires? God bless in your lectures and God be with you always...please.... I hope you will reply in my post... Thank you so much