Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants

  1. Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses.
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  3. by   jesjay
    hi! well i suggest, given that you have the list of requirements and contact numbers of each hospital, be the one to go there directly or even just phone them. They will be much accommodating, and you will even have the direct information. But as much as I know, St. Lukes GLobal City is accepting applications for manpooling purposes. St Lukes QC is also currently accepting applicants.. Goodluck.
  4. by   optimistic,RN
    I went to QCGH an hour ago, but unfortunately they are closed for Nurse Trainees for June Batch.. The OIC there told me that the next hiring would be on October. How sad and frustrating... let's try to some other hospitals.
  5. by   burbeestar
    Thanks anyway, I was just recently included at Heart Center's list of 1st priority nurses but would have to wait for several months or even a year or so before my training would begin. Now, I'm searching for other hospitals that offers trainings and eventually absorb their trainees. I've done the computer registration at Medical City, I was fortunate to be referred by our dean at St. Luke's but I was told that we would have to wait 'til December - I'm not sure if I would have to apply on my own since my credentials were already submitted by our dean in that institution. I intend to try at Cardinal Santos and VRPMC - Polymedic since these hospitals are also accessible to my home.

    to cathybedrio: Does QCGH eventually absorb their trainees after they complete the training program? :spin:
  6. by   optimistic,RN
    I think so burbeestar.. because after 6 months of training and if your evaluation is good most probably there would be a chance but I'm still not sure about it.. by the way Burbeestar.. do you went directly to Medical City which is you have to type your registration in their computer?I'm planning to go their tomorrow and hoping that they still do accept applicants..

    I remember burbeestar my friend had just went to VRPMC last week and she confirmed me that they are on freeze hiring.. try Cardinal Santos I've heard that after youv'e submitted all the requirements you'll be scheduled to take the exam once you show to them your BLS and IVT License. . Keep us updated...
  7. by   burbeestar
    I went to Medical City last March and did the computer registration. They're still open and continuously hiring since a lot of nurses from TMC has filed resignation, however, a lot of successful applicants who've completed their trainings have not started yet. It may take a while for the HR Department to contact you for the exam schedule but at least you're already done with the registration process.

    I'll also try Cardinal Santos once I'm done with my case completion for IV - still lacking 1 case for blood transfusion before I could submit them to ANSAP for the IV license.

    Thanks cathybedrio!
  8. by   optimistic,RN
    burbeestar, do you went to Medical City all by yourself? Honestly speaking I'm shy and afraid to go there since I'm the only who one who makes all the tours in Metro Manila Hospitals but I've never tried TMC. anyway.. did you bring your resume along with you when you did the computer registration? Please uplift my courage!! hahaha! Thanks for the information burbeestar!
  9. by   burbeestar
    Yes, I actually went there by myself. I don't usually bring friends along when I apply since it makes me sad when one of us isn't fortunate enough to pass the screening process. Nevertheless, even if you apply with or without your friends along, and if you truly the deserve the position you're applying for - there's no doubt that you'll get hired because of what you can offer for the institution.

    Regarding the resume, the HR will not require you to submit that and the credentials at the time of computer registration. Once you've been notified for the schedule of exam and successfully passed their screening exam, that's the time when they will ask you to submit your credentials. It may take awhile before they call us, so keep yourself busy. Probably by marketing yourself as a nurse a bit more - do the extra mile. Do volunteer work or if you have spare money, attend other trainings such as ECG, ACLS, PALS, etc. I might do that this coming June under the PHC's HEART Foundation.

    Have faith, a lot of opportunities are open for us graduate nurses. It may not instantly correlate to hospital experience but there are other ways on how we can develop our knowledge and skills as a nurse. If Plan A isn't available as of the moment, then lets opt for Plan B or C for the mean time. Good luck my colleague!
  10. by   optimistic,RN
    Very well said my dear colleague... I'm very much thrilled as well as inspired by what you had told me,, Yeah ,your right .. it's good to apply on ourselves alone since taking our friends along with us will just bring some agony because of thinking on what to do next.. Relying on another people's decision will just slow down our progress to search some better opportunities awaiting for us. However, if we are determined and full of courage to fulfill our dreams then most probably , there is no impossible to everything if we keep on constantly praying to God and put some actions to our plan to make it done..

    By the way I'll be going to enroll in Heart Foundation's Training about ECG and ACLS to keep myself busy while waiting for hospita's call this coming May 6 for their pre-registration dates.. haha.. If I didn't get a job by June I think I'll opt to enroll for a student Visa for Canada.. that's my plan B.. Don't know the rest...haha...

    Thanks for the encouraging message burbeestar!! may God Bless us all.. His plans are bigger than our's so keep dreaming and praying my dear fellow nurses!!!
  11. by   k-cute
    hi ..does medical city accept even if your bls card has expired? thanks
  12. by   optimistic,RN
    I think you should renew your BLS card my dear colleague.. better attend some BLS Training.. I've heard that Cardinal Santos Medical Center do still accept applicants.. but nevertheless, you should have an IVT card as well as the BLS Card..
  13. by   k-cute
    cathybedrio Re: Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants
    I think you should renew your BLS card my dear colleague.. better attend some BLS Training.. I've heard that Cardinal Santos Medical Center do still accept applicants.. but nevertheless, you should have an IVT card as well as the BLS Card.. thanks..
    so they are not accepting applicants without the complete requirements? isn't it okay if the other requirements are just to follow? or theyre really strict that they will accept your requirements unless its complete?
  14. by   k-cute
    hi jesjay..where can we submit applicatons for st luke qc as well as st lukes in global city?

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