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Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses. :specs:... Read More

  1. by   redpink
    may i know where is the CHMC? are they still accepting applicants? what are the needed requirements? and how to got here if im coming from lawton?
  2. by   perplexity
    i went to chmc awhile ago and i just passed the requirements.they said that they will contact me if im shortlisted.from lawton take a bus jeep or fx going to sm fairview go down at luzon.the bldg is verde de oro near puregold and pastry the way fellow nurses, other than chmc do u know any other hospitals that are currently hiring?please do reply, help badly needed.ive learned also that for u to be able to be hired at ust hospital u have to attend the training worth 5k for or and ms ward, or 7,500 for icu and pass that training.not being able to pass the training,you dont have any chance of being again fellow nurses if you have any info on other hospital openings pls do update..
  3. by   optimistic,RN
    perplexity...I had a friend who had just finished her training at UST. She did paid and trained for 3 to 4 months I think. But unfortunately, after their training none of them was being hired. They just need your money though..Better apply for any hospital who have their free volunteer nurse service. Try Mary Chiles hospital and AFP Medical Center, their VN program is free of charge. Goodluck!
  4. by   corpuscles
    perplexity, is ust open for the said training now or is it already ongoing? thanks.
  5. by   Azli
    Quote from felicitypaul
    Hi, Chanel! I had my BLS update at the Lung Center and had my seminars every Friday,without resigning from my current job which is call center as well if I'll stop working no one will support with my everyday expenses...

    You shouldn't give up one thing unless you're not sure that it will compensate your previous job.

    I submitted also my resumes to almost all hospitals here in Manila...

    So, my suggestion is try to apply at Rizal Medical Center and they are open for NTP..for 6 months..
    I went there just this afternoon..

    Wish of Luck!


    Hi! Mine as well have been jobless for almost 2 yrs now. Sometimes i feel depressed and ask myself of what brighter future is ahead of us? Since, we all know that we're roughly 87,000 unemployed nurses here in our country. I keep on praying that all my struggles will paid off sooner. I'll never give up because I know that we have a loving God who sees what all we've been through...Just needed to release my sentiments sometimes. Thanks!

    By the way, where is Rizal Medical Center and what is NTP? Thanks!
  6. by   perplexity
    Quote from corpuscles
    perplexity, is ust open for the said training now or is it already ongoing? thanks.
    hey corpuscles, you could inquire at ust hospital about the details on the training and exactly how much they charge and the dates of training.i havent gone there again yet so i dont have any particular updates about the sched of trainings.hey people do you have any other suggestions on hiring hospitals?it is really hard to get a job here unlike the province do you any hiring hospitals?
  7. by   greenridge01
    Quote from ennaoj26
    As far as I can remember the requirements are as follows:

    PRC license
    Board Certificate
    Board Rating
    IVT Certificate and IVT Card
    Certificate of Employment if applicable
    Certificate of Trainings/Seminars attended

    To those who already passed the requirements, just fill me in if I miss something..
    resume, tor/rle
    letter of intent addressed to CHMC, HR Manager
  8. by   jobstat
    hi co-nurses. im new here.. does anyone of you know who the chief nurse of commonwealth hospital is? or do you guys know their contact number?tnx... pls pm me @ guys...
  9. by   perplexity
    hey guys do you know if chidlren's medical center is still hiring for nurses?is there any other hospitals hiring?
  10. by   wawet
    hi guys, i will try to go to chmc tomorrow. by the way, i don't have my ivt card yet, is that okay?
  11. by   mermaid37
    [QUOTE=wawet;4477583]hi guys, i will try to go to chmc tomorrow. by the way, i don't have my ivt card yet, is that okay?[/QUOTE}

    hi, the lady at CHMC HR dept. wants complete requirements including ivt card .
  12. by   caffeinejunkie
    hi co-nurses, i'm kinda new here can anyone kindly send me the requirements for rizal medical center. please pm me @ thanks.
  13. by   wawet
    i went to chmc a while ago and the lady took a photocopy of my claim stub for my ivt card. i passed all the requirements, i explained that the ivt card and the certificate will be given to us probably by October and she understood. she said they will call for the scheduled exam followed by the interview, she did not say any specific month, though.