Have you heard of Private Duty Nurses in St. Luke's Global City?

  1. I caught wind about this group that is hiring experienced nurses to work privately inside the hospital. You know...for the exclusively rich and/or critical patients who wants one-on-one care. Can anybody please tell me if this is true? I went to this site to see if a thread is already on board for my questions. None. Has anybody tried to apply here? What are the requirements? Any tips?

    I'm tired of extensive working hours in the hospital and still earning meager salary. This way I earn a lot more daw and I still get to practise my profession in a tertiary hospital! I don't want home care nursing. Does anybody know the rates? Is being a PDN a good choice? What about if I still want to go abroad...will my experience as a PDN (in-patient) suffice?

    Hope somebody can help me, please.
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  3. by   Doza
    my grandma is confined in SLGC right now!

    she just had surgery but not in critical care. We weren't offered PDN, but ill ask the nurses here about it
  4. by   Doza
    Are you still reading this CastaRN?

    So i asked the nurse here. Yes, they do have PDN but they are taken from their own pool of nurses. For Global City the PDNs come from the QC branch and that they are mostly the "aged/older ones". Therefore you still have to be a staff nurse in SL to be a PDN.

    If you notice in SLGC, you will rarely see staff over the age of 35, including the cleaning personnel. Nurses here are about 20-25 years old. I asked the nurse if they have an age limit, she said it was never stated they do but they have a preference for younger ones because they said they are easier to train.

    Hope this helps
  5. by   CastaRN
    Sorry, toxic sa duty eh...Thanks for the querries Doza. Are you a nurse too? What hospital?

    You're right. They only hire experienced nurses...more than a year to be exact. (got to be... im aplying eh and not old) hehe..

    But wrong about one thing...you can apply even if ur not from St Luke's. Yes, they would prefer past St lukes employees but not exclude everybody else. You need to come from a good tertiary hospital ata and a good unit (ie Critical care)

    I have talked with their President and Im really interested.... I mean earning as much as 2k -2.5k a shift! That's unimagineable! Didnt kno I could earn this much without leaving the country. That's why they are stiff in accepting applicants...VIP patients all the time.

    They're mass hiring daw for a fresh pool of PDNs...let me kno if ur interested...ill give the number thru PM.

    God bless>
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  6. by   griffin15
    hi..im kinda interested, where can we apply?thanks in advance.
  7. by   CastaRN
    Well are you experienced RN? What field? How many years? Thats what they asked me when I came to inquire. They're really experts caring for specified patients....the rich, the powrfull and the famous. Just let me know if you fit the profile and PM me...ill give you their email or sumthin.
  8. by   Doza
    That's great news then, especially to our deserving RNs. The info I relayed was just from one of the nurses in SLH. It's good you were able to get another opinion.

    Yes, I am a nurse but I am quite happy where I work. Thanks for asking. Good luck, hope you get the job
  9. by   griffin15
    i've been workin for only 1 yr and a half as staff nurse, in a general ward..could that fit for their required experience?i just want some part time job aside from my presnt job..tnx for the info.
  10. by   CastaRN
    I have not resigned too. I tried it out to get a feel of it. I liked it. Its the same stuff I get to do at ICU....only this time I get PAID..hehe. They made it pretty clear that it wasnt a part time job for the ff reasons:
    1. Its a 12hr shift...what else could be done after your shift other than sleep?
    2. It pays a lot more than ur current job...so which should be ur part time job?
    3. You are on call...whenever you on deck and a patient requires ur expertise they call you. And big bucks daily ..yippeee!!

    I see why they would want an experienced reliable nurse. Rich and powerful people are their market....you really have to know ur trade. The plus side is you get to meet these people. Sometimes take you in. Travel and stuff. Money is no object compared to the love and care you provide their love ones.

    1yr 1/2 is ok. I guess...Wc hospital? What unit?
  11. by   ms. zee
    Hello CastaRN,

    i am really interested for a PDN position, can i have their contact info? I was assigned at ICU. I had already a 1 yr exp in our provincial hospital.

    please help me, hehe
  12. by   CastaRN
    I cant post phone numbers ata dito eh. Ill gladly give you their numbers but how? Don't really kno how to PM here.
  13. by   khaye_rn
    Hi! Im also interested to apply as a pdn... can you possible share their contact number, and the requirements as well? thanks you so much! i hope to hear from you soon... godbless!
  14. by   sugarplum18PH&USRN
    CastaRN, how about for RNs like me who hasn't got experience in any hospital after graduating and passing the PNLE? As you know, the backer system in the country sucks. Not to mention that not so many hospitals are hiring or even accepting volunteers. Will they train me too? I'd like to apply and try my luck. Please respond. Thanks!