Entering Philippine Nurses Corps (Military nurse)

  1. [font="comic sans ms"]hi everyone, i would like to ask if it is true that those who have a board rating of 80 above that passed the exams and trainings are the only ones who will have a rank or will be an officer in the nurse corps, and those that have 80 below but also did passed the exams and trainings will just be an enlisted men in the nurse corps??? please i need info because i aspire to be a military nurse and i want to be just like those officers (2lt/1lt) who are in service.... thank you very much
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  3. by   just_cause
    Are you referring to the phillippine Nurse Corps?
    If referring to USA military, which branch? If referring to USA no that is not how the board works. Based on competition with other applicants not just a number. I'm not sure what the rest of post meant....
  4. by   miachee_RN
    Quote from just_cause
    are you referring to the philippine nurse corps?
    if referring to usa military, which branch? if referring to usa no that is not how the board works. based on competition with other applicants not just a number. i'm not sure what the rest of post meant....
    i'm referring to the philippine nursing corps.... i just heard from one of my friends colleague that they based the ranking on the board rating result, he just said that if you passed the qualification exams and trainings and you have an 80% and above board rating you'll have a chance of being an officer after the trainings, but if you have a board rating of below 80% even you passed the qualification exams and training you'll be just an enlisted personnel... well i really don't know the process of hiring in the philippine nursing corps, but i would like to hear it or know it from somebody who really does know all about it, and i don't want to just believe in rumors. thanks though
  5. by   phoebe.rn
    if you're looking for someone who really knows those info you should go to the bulwagang valdez camp gen.emilio aguinaldo, quezon city..that's the chief nurse's office..=)
  6. by   shenna27

    1. Must be a natural born Filipino citizen
    2. Must have a pleasing personality and good moral character
    3. Registered nurse with a Board rating of 80% or above. Below 80% may be admitted, but should pass a qualifying examination to be conducted by the Office of the Chief Nurse, AFP
    4. Male and female applicants must be single or never been married. For female applicants, must not be positively found to have given birth to a living stillborn child.
    5. Not more than 32 years old at the time of commission
    6. Must satisfy the following height requirements:

    Female - at least 5' 2"
    Male - at least 5' 4"

    7. Must be physically and mentally and physically fit for military service and cleared by the appropriate security agencies.

    1. First priority shall be given to Enlisted Personnel who are registered nurses by profession with at least three (3) years of active military service and have successfully completed the Clinical Nursing Program for EP Nurses being conducted by the Office of The Chief Nurse, AFP
    2. Second priority shall be given to other applicants who have satisfied the additional following additional requirements:

    a.) With at least three (3) years of current and continuous professional experience in hospital/clinic settings and or as member of a faculty of a recognized School of Nursing.
    b.) Preferably with Master in Nursing or at least nine (9) units of post graduate studies leading to Master in Nursing.
  7. by   Neel Mark
    Good day Ma'am

    i got an above 80 average at the board exam and i want to be a military nurse but im only 5'3 in height. can i still be a military nurse? what should i do with regards to this?
  8. by   NyerNyer
    Good morning. I'm already a RN with above 80% board rating, and I'm also a PN officer. Unfortunately, I will not be able to use my profession as a nurse in the PN and I still want to practice the nursing profession in the military. Is it possible to do lateral entry to nurse corps? Can you give me some advice on how to enter nurse corps while I'm in the PN? Thank you.
  9. by   girlwarrior_19
    Goodmorning! I am a newly registered nurse of dec 2012 batch. Can I ask for the requirements in entering the nurse corps?. Am I still qualified even if I was operated last mach 2012. It's been a year but Im worrying cause im not really sure if they are allowing cases like mine. Its just cholecystectomy by the way.thank you.
  10. by   girlwarrior_19
    I will turn 21 this aug19,. Ive heard th requirement is of age 21. Can i still file for applcation for nurse corps?
  11. by   supermommycinx
    Hi girlwarrior! I think the age limit for NC is up to 26 years old. As long as you are physically and mentally fit you can apply for NC.
  12. by   mengloves10
    i also applied in NC, AFP last july 2011 after my 21st birthday and it's almost 2 years since then, i haven't received any text messages from OTCN for my schedule of examination. I've undergone pre-optical evaluation in AFPMC since im wearing eyeglasses and fortunately passed with grade of 150. but because it's been 2 long years since my application, its now 175 . im worrying if i could still enter NC despite of having 175 grade of eyeglasses
  13. by   geezeeh
    [FONT=HelveticaNeue]Good day!
    [FONT=HelveticaNeue]I just wanted to ask what will be the dress code on the day of the qualifying exam for nurse corps. Thank you and God bless!
  14. by   amihan_leaf
    Any update in pursuing a Nurse Corps career?