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Hi everyone! :wavey: I'm planning to apply in SLMC-e.rod, though I heard that they will start the hiring process this coming September.. Do you have any idea on how many exams and interviews you will... Read More

  1. by   cheesecurls
    thank you burbeestar for that info! by the way, how are you? you are already on your training?
  2. by   amaranth
    burbeestar, after passing the initial exam, how long have you waited for their next text (for the skills validation schedule)? thanks!
  3. by   mrasa20
    Hi there

    I would like to ask if it is true that st luke's qc application for nurses temporarily stopped?
    My friend told me lately that the drawer in the pigeon box for staff nurse is closed already?..?

    Please reply..thanks!
  4. by   kenjin
    thanks burbeestar!
  5. by   kyuketsuki15
    To cheesecurls: SLMC-QC passed the JCI reaccredation.

    To burbeestar: I am also from Batch 3. What group do you belong to? I heard news that our batch will be put on hold (I hope it's not true). And presently, our batch is still incomplete due to those who failed the medical exam.

    To those who will have their medical exam: Be sure that you rest before having your PE done because high blood pressure and other deviations may result to NOT Physically fit to work. And also, make sure that your BMI is normal.

    With regards to the Board rating and GWA requirements, the clinical manager from the Department of Clinical Advancement said that they also accept applicants with lower board rating and GWA; but they give more priorities to those who complied to their required grades.
  6. by   kyuketsuki15
    Yes SLMC-QC, currently does not accept applications but this is just for the mean time.
  7. by   jepRN
    Quote from Ckyuketsuki15
    Yes SLMC-QC, currently does not accept applications but this is just for the mean time.
    ei kyuketsuki15! im jep a newbie here. is dat true? that's some bad news. im planning to go there by next week to pass my requirements...

    anyway i'll wait for it to open. hehe.. i just have one question. do they really need that CLASS RANKING thing? our dean told me to get a form to the hospital and he'll just sign it. dat true?
  8. by   lensio
    hey there burbeestar, wow tnx for the info, it sure helped me alot.. i also passed my application at SLMC QC and finished with the skills validation.. the next step is the interview with the VP, im so nervous! any tips you can share? it would surely help me alot..
  9. by   lensio
    hey there everybody.. newbie here..
    i passed my application form at SLMC QC last october ang got txt 2wks after, and now i just finished my skills validation and off to my final interview..
    regarding about the board rating, it doesn't matter if your avg is lower than 80, because i myself is a 7 liner.. hehe
  10. by   jepRN
    ei guys im jep a newbie here.

    really? that's some bad news... im planning to go there next week to pass my credentials... hmmm...

    anyway i'll wait for it to open again. just have one question. where can i get my CLASS RANKING? i went to our dean yesterday and he said to claim a form at the hospital wher e i am applying for and he'll just have it signed out?! is that what i should do?
  11. by   kyuketsuki15
    To jepRN: HR said that they do not entertain applicants with incomplete requirements. I was able to get my certificate of class ranking in our Nursing department. I'm not sure if SLMC issues a form, where your dean can sign.

    To lensio: Congratulations you passed the skills validation! In the final interview, personal and clinical questions may be asked. In my case, I was asked, "Why should SLMC hire you?" and "In what unit do you want to be assigned?" Follow up questions will be asked according to your answers. (I answered, "Emergency Room", so I was asked things that happen in the ER.) Some were asked, "What are the signs and symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis and how will you manage patients suffering to such disease. So I advise you to study. Good luck! I hope you'll be a part of our batch.
  12. by   jepRN
    thanks for the reply kyuketsuki! i really appreciate it... i'll talk to our dean on monday for that ranking thing. please post if slmc-qc is open again for hiring. thanks alot!
  13. by   lensio
    wow thanks kyuketsuki15 for the info.. looks like the interview is really tough!
    well ill just hope that i pass the interview.. i get very nervous in interviews..