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hi i would like to ask question regarding what is the process of hiring an applicant at the said hospital? my friend took his qualifying exam there days ago. he said the HR will contact the... Read More

  1. by   MEsaysTHAT
    what is the flow of hiring in CHH?

    is it true?the rumors bout panel interview and all?..thanks
  2. by   neli
    hello everyone! i'm a newbie here! i just passed last december board exam,and i'm from iligan city. i just want to ask to whom should i address my application letter? i've read the thread yet i wasn't able to find the name of the HRD manager of CHH. i am really nterested in applying at CHH.
  3. by   taj_sunset
    Hello!! I would like to know if Chong Hua Hospital is still open for hiring applicants as a staff nurse.
    If it is so, it is with interest that I would like to apply. I graduated last 2011, and passed the NLE
    the same year.

    I'm looking forward for your reply. Thanks a lot!