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Best review center for ielts in Manila? Guys I need tips on ielts exam review center? Or home study? What's better? Books to read, review material practice exams etc? Thank you so much for... Read More

  1. by   honeykoyz
    It depends on how you study. However, there are lots of free review materials that you can download online. There are lots of useful blogs too that can give u tips and techniques about how to study for IELTS.

    This blog is very useful:

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  2. by   bernadette.siam
    I studied with Enderun Colleges a while back. Prior to studying with them, I had no confidence in speaking or writing English. I knew how to converse in English but it definitely wasn't enough to work abroad. I learned not only how to pass the IELTS exam but I also became a more confident and eloquent speaker of English. I didn't get to pursue my IELTS exam since I found a job here, but I know they have a new program now and I'm planning to enroll. Is there anyone else who's planning to enroll at Enderun? I spoke to Ms. *********** who I think is their manager, she mentioned that they're doing a seminar for only P5k. And the seminar is next month!!
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  3. by   MikeeMikes26
    I highly recommend Niners. I just enrolled in the unlimited review for 6k yesterday and attended the orientation today. I like their syllabus and I have heard many good feedback about them from IELTS certified colleagues and friends who also took their review program with Niners.
  4. by   moongeun
    Hello. To answer your queries, I definitely haven't tried other IELTS review center except for Jrooz. But I want to warn you services in Jrooz Makati have a very poor customer service. There are numerous inconsistency regarding reservation of coaching. I also encountered problems in the exam application as they uploaded an incomplete ID picture online and many other things. Staff are not that friendly and they dismiss you right after. For sure, not the review center you would want to go to. But maybe it's a different case in other branches. Hope that helps.
  5. by   pring0127
    I agree with you. Smaller classes are definitely better. 9.0 Niner has become overrated. Better go to TSAA or other small and upcoming centers.
  6. by   mskatnku
    My Sis-in-law needs to review for the IELTS if anyone could please recommend: 1. The name of a good prep book ( like Barron's Guide to IELTS ) and where she can buy it in Philippines. And the price there , please?
  7. by   mskatnku
    Which books do they use at Niners?Are they well-known or are they using their own self-made books? My sister-in-law needs a good book that she can get in the Philippines.