UBC Undergraduate nursing program 2008/2009

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have applied to UBC nursing for the 2008/2009 school year. I am really nervous about getting in because last year I did not.

    If there are any people who have graduated from the program or who have applied recently or even in the past, would you please provide some information:

    What was the GPA that you had?
    How much volunteer experience did you have?
    What was the interview like?

    If you are in the program: What is the program and instruction like?

    I am really hoping to get some valuable information. I am very anxious about getting into the program, but it is so up in the air. It would be better if it was based solely on GPA because then you would know if you are in or not.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   student456
    do you mean the university of british columbia in canada?
  4. by   kendall16

    Yes I did mean University of British Columbia. I apologize for being unclear about that. Are you attending UBC or know someone who is? Any information would be really helpful. Thanks and I look forward to your reply. Take care.
  5. by   kendall16

    By UBC I did mean University of British Columbia, Canada. Were you in the program or knew of someone who is? Any information would be really appreciated.
  6. by   codeblue20
    ive applied to the program for 08/09 as well

    PM me i'd like to know your experience last time around and what another candidate is applying to the program with
  7. by   kendall16
    Hi Codeblue,

    I have applied to UBC accelerated nursing program. I do not know of anyone else who has done so as well.
    What is your current GPA that you are applying with? As well would you be able to provide me with information about your extracurricular activities.
    I applied last year and was not offered an interview. I have spent the last year improving my GPA and re-wrote my admissions essay.

    Is this your first time applying? Do you know of others who have also applied? What were their GPA's? The process is very subjective, which makes it very nerve wracking because you may or may not get an interview.
  8. by   codeblue20
    sending you an email through this site now with my info

    i dont know anyone else who applied so im looking for info as well, first time for me applying (and hopefully the only time I have to!)
  9. by   codeblue20
    get my email ?
  10. by   mandy23
    hey everyone, just wondering if u know when we get to find out if we get an interview for fall 2008/09 at UBC? thanks
  11. by   kendall16
    Hi Mandy,
    Well I know one person who already knows when their interview is. I believe that by the end of the week, they will have decided who was selected for an interview.
    Have you by chance tried to contact the department?
    If you don't mind my asking, what is your background and perhaps even GPA? I am concerned because I have not heard anything and I have been waiting for two years to get into the program.
  12. by   mandy23
    thanks for the reply. Well, I have a science degree from ubc and its my first time applying. I'm not sure what my gpa is because my marks are all in percentages and i never really calculated the gpa myself. However, my marks are i guess around B+.

    I don't think i got an interview though, because i just checked the nursing website, and they posted that the interviews are being held May 28 & 30, June 5 & 6. So, i mean, those dates are really soon so I'm just assuming that I probably didn't get one then.

    Btw, did u try to apply elsewhere (i.e. BCIT)? or are u just aiming to go into ubc nursing?
  13. by   nursenumber1
    So did anyone get an interview with UBC? If so how are you preparing for it. I do not live in UBC or Canada and I understand you need a knowledge of UBC nursing laws. Does anyone have an experience with the new kind of interview process they are using?
  14. by   mandy23
    oh wow, u need to know the nursing laws? Oh no, I'm not sure how to prepare for this at all, especially now that they drastically changed the process. I really need to prepare for this, but I'm hoping someone could give me some advice. Thanks.