Travel nursing from USA to Canada

  1. My husband and I are nurses in the USA. We are interested in travel nursing in Canada; however, we aren't sure how to accomplish this. Any suggestions or advice? Thank you!!!
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Travel nursing (in the way you mean it) isn't really a thing in Canada. Health care in Canada is federally funded, provincially regulated and almost totally unionized. Temporary positions exist but they're very different from how travel nursing works in the US. Then there's the matter of registration - it's running around $600 A YEAR and each province has its own registration. You can't practice without registration in the province you're in. It takes upwards of 4 months for someone like me, already registered in two different provinces over the course of my career and in good standing, to obtain registration in another province. So how would that fit into the travel nursing model you're imagining? Just to become registered in a single province here will probably take 6 months to a year, because of the assessment process and the university degree as entry to practice. Read through the information on the NNAS website to see what you're up against.
  4. by   ldejohn
    Thank you for the information and link.