Passed the NCLEX, Waiting on the CNO

  1. Hello New Grads;

    I have completed the NCLEX-RN and passed, paid my fees, and I'm waiting on my license from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).
    I have been checking the "Find a Nurse" page on the CNO website. I noticed that my payment was taken sometime yesterday. I must be close! Not close enough to be in time for the nursing shift that was waiting for me this weekend. These things happen when the timing is too close.
    What was your experience with wait times? How long did you have to wait before you received your license to practice?

    Find a Nurse Link:
    Find a Nurse
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  3. by   anxiouspn
    According to the CNO registration will arrive within 15 business days. Mine came in 14. I think others received theirs a bit sooner, I guess it's based on luck.

    edit: Payment date doesn't seem to matter as I went directly to the CNO office and paid there, and still had to wait
  4. by   CanadianRN16
    I applied for mine last January and it took a week, it probably is based on how busy they are with applications. It's annoying, but expect for the full 3 weeks of waiting. It'll be online before you get the certificate in the mail. It's unfortunate your license will only be valid for 3 months before they make you pay for 2017.
  5. by   joanna73
    Mine was approximately 14-15 days. Depends how busy the CNO is.
  6. by   anitalaff
    Thank you for your responses!
  7. by   toronto24
    You will receive an email from CNO before you can see your name on CNO website find a nurse. Mine it took 1 week.