New Grad -BC jobless

  1. I graduated in April. Applied to all the health authorities and what ever new grad program I could and I am still jobless. I have had one phone call but they are going to try my choices in Fraser Health and get back to me. This is so disappointing and I can't move.
    I wrote the CRNE June 6.
    I am provisionally registered.
    Anyone know some good job search sites. I have tried the health authorities and workopolis and google with limited results or applicability.
    Anyone know about camp nurse or first aid jobs? To get hired you need experience, to get experience you need to get hired! UGH
    I am so desperate for work, even though I need med surg in order to apply to Childrens in the fall I also need a freaking job.
    Any help or advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   MPKH
    I'm from Vancouver...and I'm sorry to say this, but the job market in BC is bad. If you're just looking in the lower mainland, the job market there is horrible. I graduated last year, passed my exam, got my licence...and applied to all 6 health authorities, and NONE of them called me back.

    So I branched out, and tried Alberta. I am now working as a RN in a rural hospital...not one of my top choice by any stretch of imagination, but the experience that I'm getting out here is phenomenal. Much more than what I'd get out of an urban setting...altho I am in the process of applying to jobs in Calgary and Edmonton.

    Unless you know someone who can influence the hiring decision, you're a bit out of luck. Since you said you can't're just going to have to apply to everything that you can, follow it all up, and hope for the best.

    There is no shortage of new grads, just shortage of experienced nurses working in highly specialized areas.