Looking for work in Ontario with no experience

  1. Its been diffiuclty getting a job as an RN without experience. A little bit about myself. I finished nursing in Canada in 2016 due to family matters I could not work right after school, took a year off and in between passed NCLEX early 2017. The nursing experiences I have is clinical rotations as a student, 3 months preceptorship (In mental health) plus I have several years experience working in a long term care facility when I was still in school. I am now ready to start working anywhere I can get hired, but all the jobs I apply for states 2 years or more experience I apply to them but don't get a call for an interview. I have been looking for employment for four months now, and have only been called for one interview, sadly I did not get the job. Does anyone have any tips on what I can do to land that first job? I am fast learner, and ready to work in hospitals, nursings homes in/around Ottawa.

    Thank you
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  3. by   wheresthecharge
    Trust me, coming from personal experience. Do not get discouraged. It does take a while to get your foot in the door, but persistence and a quality application is key.

    Some tips to consider when applying:
    - include a cover letter with every application even if it does not ask for one
    - highlight your clinical rotations and consolidation/final practicum on your resume
    - if you are registered, state that you are and that you have passed the nclex
    - when writing your bullet points under your placements and positions.... write them as accomplishments rather than responsibilities (an example: instead of writing "administered medications to patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder" you write "prevented toxicity associated with (insert common medication class or drugs used on unit) through clinical monitoring"
    - apply in person when you can such as at career or job fairs
    - do not be scared to try and find important contacts through the people you know

    Good luck!
  4. by   vintage_RN
    I had 4 interviews before I finished school. The reason for this is I directly emailed the managers of the units I was interested in, physically went to the hospital and dropped off resumes and found out the requirements of the area I wanted to work in and completed them. I suggest you do any or all of these things to allow yourself to stand out among the hundreds of other applicants.