Jurisprudence examination

  1. Hello, I am from Colombia, The CNO told me about the Jurisprudence examination. But I have a lot of questions about it.

    1. How is it?
    2. Is it easy to pass?
    3. Is it before the NCLEX?

    Please help me

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  3. by   yuniyun95
    Did you complete a nursing education in Canada? If so, I would say don't worry about failing because as long as you passed laws and regulations related classes with decent marks and you know the basic drill, you should have no problem. I did not study at all for the test, solved most of the questions with the previous knowledge I gained through nursing school and with some references to CNO documents, and passed without a problem.
    If you did not complete a nursing education in Canada, I would say go to the CNO website and read/study all the CNO Practice Documents they provide. Navigate the website and review all the recommended study materials prior to the exam.

    You can complete the exam anytime. It could be after NCLEX, or before. I personally did it after because I wanted to focus on the licensing exam first.
  4. by   ffooxx
    It's an open book exam, and everything you need to be familiar with is listed on CNO's website. I just completed it and I found it very easy but I received my education in Canada, therefore I am somewhat familiar with the standards and guidelines.