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This just in: "Immigrants with nursing credentials will soon have a harder time getting licensed to work in Alberta. Provincial funding for Mount Royal University's Internationally Educated... Read More

  1. by   CodeteamB
    We can agree to disagree, but for the record I am not uninformed or too young to remember what it was like in the 90's "nurses and teachers" describes my family pretty much perfectly. Things aren't sunshine and roses in Alberta but if I based my opinion solely on the comments of Alberta nurses on this forum I would have a lot more anxiety than I currently do.

    Mine is a different opinion, no less valid for being unique here, and I read a lot of fear and anxiety in many of the posts by several nurses on this forum. If I am incorrect then you have my apologies.

    As to the original topic of this thread, since I did not make it explicit in my other posts, I disagree with closing down the MRU program and with defunding it. Our government has been flying by the seat of their pants for as long as I have been nursing, making short sighted and reactionary decisions. We have obviously not learned from our history, and you know what they say about that.
  2. by   tokidoki7
    Quote from nosh pade
    I will process my documents on clpna..

    These are the requirements of clpna..

    IF ALL OF THE BELOW STATEMENTS are TRUE, use the IEN Self-Assessment Tool to determine if you are likely to meet CLPNA's registration requirements and eligible to apply for registration as an LPN in Alberta.
    Eligible applicants must:

    1. Have registration as a nurse outside of Canada.
    2. Have never been registered as an LPN in Canada.
    3. Have successfully completed a nursing education program outside of Canada.
    4. Have nursing practice hours in the past four years or have graduated from a nursing education program in the past four years. (In order for worked hours to qualify as nursing practice hours, you must have been registered, hired, and paid as a nurse. Practice hours do not include sick time, vacation or volunteering.)

    and here is the link

    Internationally Educated Nurses
    I'm an RN in the United States and I'll be sitting for the CPNRE in May. I don't have a bachelors in nursing to practice as an RN in Canada, so I'm aiming to be an LPN. If I do pass this exam, my concerns will then be to find employment as well as obtain a visa. Until that happens, I will stay in the U.S. until I can find an opportunity to work in Alberta.
  3. by   Fiona59
    I'm curious, why do you want to live in Alberta? We have lousy winters. Potholes that you can lose a small animal in when the thaw hits.

    A conservative government that could screw up a stag night in a brewery.

    Lousy sports teams.

    And the male eye candy isn't that good.

    It can't be a spouse or you'd already be here freezing your bits off.
  4. by   tokidoki7
    I'm in Edmonton right now. Im visiting my fiance. The weather is pretty similar to the weather at home but a little more intense. We don't get this much snow at home. The pot holes have been horrible here as well. I would like to visit Calgary one day as it seems more vibrant than Edmonton. Edmonton is okay but I feel sorry for anyone who has never left to visit places outside of Edmonton .
  5. by   Trishrpn80
    Quote from Fiona59
    Potholes that you can lose a small animal in when the thaw hits.
    Off topic.. Hahaha i just stepped in one of those this morning as we are starting to have break up here... Couldnt help but giggle

    Ok back to your regularly scheduled thread
  6. by   Ilze
    Wow, so interesting to follow! I am a international trained RN. I am interested to work in Canada. Not because I am desperate or fleeing my country. I am young and want to travel and see the world. I really feel our training and practical experience are some of the best in the world. Good to hear some personal experiences, this is not what you hear from agencies "promising a 100% success rate". Like many other young professionals I dream of traveling the world and to experience different cultures, and although I am sure it is not all bad, boy oh boy... I really do not want to be treated as a "foreigner who took a possible job from born and bread Canadian". Thanks for reality check, and CodeteamB thanks for your honest opinion though positive outlook towards the future. I will pursue this dream... by the way... no intention of any institution paying for anything, I can do it myself. Now just to decide where shall I begin with my dream. As for the potholes and crappy weather, that is crap! But if you haven't experienced snow and like the thought a something with big wheels, why not!
  7. by   royalRN88
    i just received nnas report of saying my study is somewhat comparable to canada for both lpn and rn. Now i m applying to nursing regulatory. Clpna has self assessment questions that are 42. Can anybody has done those? I AM HAVING HARD TIME TO WRITE THOSE. STILL NOT SURE IF THEY LL GIVE ME PERMISSION TO WRITE EXAM OR LICENSE. EVEN THOUGH I M ALREADY RN IN NEW YORK, USA
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Unfortunately, if your English language skills make it difficult to answer the self-assessment questions, you're likely going to struggle at every step. I'm not sure how anyone could help you evaluate yourself.

    Side note: This is a 5 year old thread, so it's not likely many people will see your post.
  9. by   royalRN88
    i couldnt find how to open new thread
  10. by   royalRN88
    no i thought maybe they are looking something for special in self assessment tools that i should mention particularly in it