I want to quit nursing

  1. Hi,

    I'm currently a 25 y/o RPN in Toronto
    First of all I've been a nurse for 3 yerars now and I am not happy , I really just want to quit .the job is too much for me , heavy workload
    other nurses commenting on how I do my job. Mean nurses and families. In my 3 years of nursing I always feel like I'm so dumb and I am not doing things right. I really feel horrible on wanting to quit but it's too much it's so stressful o the point that I am really miserable and anxious every time I have to go to work . I become too sensitive to the point I just come home from work crying. I really love being around pts and help them but nursing is just too much for me.i gave it a shot for a long time , the first year I was i palliative , I want happy , I said I'll stay and try other unit. I did try other unit but it was the same . I'm always anxious going to work I feel like Im trapped.

    Now i I finally spoke with my family about it and I'm glad that I did, I'm so depressed stuck being a nurse and I'm sure I'm not happy I kept going back and Fort on quitting but I was too scared, but I feel I need to do it now or else I'll grow old and be miserable in my job

    I wanted to go back to school to get a diploma for administration in health to be a clerk . DSL I can still be in health care and I can use my knowledge from being An RPN. I'd rather work on an office type job than be stuck .

    i hope I am making the right choice . I know all nurses here understand how stressful it is to be a nurse and I salute all of you for staying. I know it's a dumb idea for a lot of people to kind of give up rpn and settle for an office like job , but what can I do I am not happy
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  3. by   hellohobbit
    I'm sure after working on a palliative floor, you see life from another perspective. Indeed, life is short but it can long if you spend it wisely on things you truly enjoy doing. There's no right or wrong answer here, it's your life and make a good decision on integrity and honesty. From my palliative experience, dying is not scary, regrets and guilt at the end of life is the scariest thing. Good luck!
  4. by   Fiona59
    I agree and applaud your courage.

    Look into health record technology. Two year diploma is my province. If I had known that this job existed that's where I'd be. Heck, they make more than I do because they have a stronger union! Streetclothes, breaks on time, own cubicle,no family or patient interaction.

    I wish you luck and happiness. It's too late for me, I'm nearly 60 an can retire in less time than it would take to retrain
  5. by   Meoneth88
    Thank you so much for your response , it made me feel better with my decision . It's hard because a lot of people won't understand why I'm giving up this job with all the job opportunity and good play , but honestly I'd rather have a job with just an average pay and be happy I can go on break in time , and not getting anxious going to work every time..
    Health record technology? I haven't heard of that program..all I found as alternative is administration in health for clerics work
  6. by   Meoneth88
    Thank you so much for your response that's exactly my fear getting trap in a job that is not making me happy at all ... I feel bad for thinking of quitting, I feel horrible ,people will just see that I'm giving up on taking care of people, but it's not about that,, I love taking care of pt and being around them , it's the job itself I can't handle and burning me out. I worked in palliative and saw how life ends . The work became to heavy to the point that I don't even have to time to really stop and think about them how I can make them feel better.. I'm currently working in a behavioural neurology unit and it's really challenging and very unpredictable . And some nurses there just pick on me, like judging my every move ..and the families are hard to please with their unrealistic expectations ... and so yesterday i finally made the decision to leave and study to be a health admin clerk.. atleast I can still work in a health care environment. And use some of my RPN knowledge I'm really scared it's one of the biggest decision I am making and I'm doing this while I'm still 25 because I know if I don't do it I will just regret it thank you for your support