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Hi everyone.... I have been following this website for a little while. Currently I am waiting for CNO to make a decision on my RPN application. I applied last Sept and still they haven't made a... Read More

  1. by   joanna73
    Canada, and in particular Ontario does not have a nursing shortage. Unless you have years of experience in a specialty, and you are willing to move to a rural area, you may find yourself waiting a very long time to hear from CNO. New grads and experienced nurses throughout the GTA and surrounding cities have been struggling to find work for 4 years now. Personally, aside from myself, I've known of 8 nurses who left ON for other Provinces during the last 3 years because there are few jobs there.
  2. by   nmlola
    Quote from nancy46237

    Only 4 mths for your RPN, amazing! Congratulations!
    I am presently waiting for my assessment as well on my rn and rpn application. I submitted my rn application to the CNO May 2012. On the first part of the assessment they informed me that it would take up to 6 months to get a result, which i did. But it is sad to hear that on the second part of the assessment, they could not give a time frame on up to how long the wait is. I hope someday they figure out a way to at least inform the applicant up to when they are left hanging. Anyway, because of this i submitted the rpn application because i read and heard from many IENs that the waiting time is shorter.. Hopefully it is.
    I did inquire about going ahead to take the bridging program but unfortunately i was told that the assessment from CNO is required to enrol in their bridging program. I was also told by that university that it would take the same time to wait for that kind of assessment.
  3. by   samio
    Hey guys, just an update I recently received the letter from CNO stating I met eligibility to write CPNRE. So it took me about 1 1/2 yrs. But I did have some problems with the actual Nursing school that I graduated from. They didn't have appropriate course documents to sent to CNO. May be that's why my application took so long. Hopefully you all hear from them soon.