Hate Nursing! :'(

  1. Hello all. I just have a question. I am an RPN started working in an acute care unit for 6 months now. I can say I hate nursing I mean the toxic co-workers and the high expectations of patients and families are killing me. I have tried to have a positive view everyday I go to work. I tend not to involve myself with the politics that exist in the workplace among the staff, but still their attitudes, their constant battles on who gets the easier patient, their backstabbing and wanting to find a fault somehow in your practice to report you to manager is killing both my working spirit and my drive to continue doing my bridge to RN. Do you think is it wise for me to continue on the path to do my bridge or change my profession altogether? is it going to be better if I do my RN and find work in other areas of nursing? or all the nursing specializations are toxic like this? I'd appreciate your input and opinions
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  3. by   dishes
    Not every workplace is as negative as yours currently is, suggest you stay a year to gain experience, then try applying to other units or specialties. I have worked for several decades, but luckily only worked one year on a unit that was as bad as yours (the staff turnover was high and there was no hope of reversing it). Most of my other workplaces have been relatively stable places to work, there were ebbs and flows of good and bad periods where more staff were stressed, but mostly they have been great places to work.
    Regarding school, are you taking an in class or an online bridge program? If you are taking an in class program, you may meet others who work in or have worked in environments similar to yours and they can tell you how they survived and became more resilient in their careers.
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  4. by   wheresthecharge
    From what it sounds like, the nursing role and work environment are two things that you don't like. I wouldn't say you hate nursing per say as you did not mention that you dislike caring for people...
    There is more to nursing then just working in a hospital or long-term care. I would suggest exploring other nursing roles by volunteering and shadowing or even applying if you can.
  5. by   toronto_nurse
    Absolutely bridge and transition into the RN role! Every practice environment has its challenges no matter where you go. Focus on strategies towards enhancing your self-care! As I always tell my students, "when you graduate, that's when the learning begins!"