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  1. Hey folks I've been doing some research to help me decide on a nursing school to attend in September, and the last piece of info I want has been hard to get. Can anybody tell me the CRNE pass rate for their (BScN) program? Durham-UOIT told me they don't publish it, St. Lawrence-Kingston said 89%, and I'm waiting to hear back from others. The CNO told me to ask the schools individually, so I did.

    Also helpful would be pros/cons of your particular program. Thanks for any help you can provide, I really appreciate it!
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  3. by   joanna73
    I have no idea what the pass rate was for Ryerson back in 2010. To be honest, I never considered my program in those terms, and I don't know that you should, either. I was preparing myself for success, not concerned about the masses. Statistically speaking, the pass rate for first time writers of the CRNE nation wide is over 80 percent.
  4. by   loriangel14
    I wouldn't put too much stock ina statistic like that.It really will have no bearing on how you do in the program.
  5. by   flyingchange
    Any accredited BScN program will prepare you adequately for the CRNE. It is not an overly hard test. Important, yes, but not more difficult than any test you write in the program.
  6. by   Aeterna
    Trust me, you won't need statistics like that in deciding a nursing program. You're overthinking it The CRNE is not purely an academic exam that tests your knowledge of things like pathophysiology, pharmacology, etc. There are a few questions that requre rote memorization in such subjects, but look up a few CRNE practice questions and you'll quickly realize it's more to do with situational responses (i.e. "As a nurse, what would you do if your patient __________") and the like. It's not really things that a teacher will stand up in front of a classroom and teach you about. If you understand the basic principles behind these concepts and can apply them in various ways, then you should do fine.

    To choose a nursing program, there are many things to think about but CRNE pass rates shouldn't be one of those things.