Best ICU RN Certificate Programs-Ontario

  1. Hello All,

    First off, thank you in advance for responding

    I am just wondering if anyone on this forum has completed or is in the process of completing an ICU RN certificate either at Humber College, George Brown College, Centennial College or Durham College (online certificate program).

    These are my top 4 choices but i cannot decide which one is better.

    Honestly, cost is not the greatest factor for me, I am mostly concerned with which program provides the best learning content, best learning opportunities and the best clinical practicums. Any opinions on any of the schools listed above is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much everyone!!!
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  4. by   ASC111
    Anyone? any guidance/advice would really help me with my selection. Anything is appreciated!!!
  5. by   trishanadine
    Currently taking high acuity nursing certificate at Humber. The critical care is the same, we are all taught together... but we are finished in 7 weeks and critical care continues for an extra few weeks to teach about mechanical ventilation.
    It has been good and the instructor, **** *** is very knowledgeable.
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