Advocates for RPNs.

  1. Hello! I am starting a PN program in September, and one thing I have noticed is that a lot of the nursing organizations in Canada and Ontario are very RN focused. One example is the Canadian Nurses Association. They only support RNs, not RPNs. Why is it called the nurses association then? It should be called the Canadian RN's Association. Im not in the field yet, but do RPNs have the same respect and considered nurses just as much as RNs?

    I was told by the RPNAO that there is no national advocate for RPNs right now. I am thankful that the RPNAO exists to give RPNs a voice but Ive also noticed that compared in the RNAO they are lacking in resources, especially for stuents (at least from what I can see on their website). Also, while the Ontario Nurses Association does support RPNs I seems most of their website is mainly RN focused (i.e it says they are the voice for Registered Nurses in Ontario on the front page of their website).

    I find it funny that I feel passionate about this when I havent even started schoool yet...maybe I'll write an essay on it to see if I get any scholarships (RPNAO has a scholarship and you can write an essay on advocacy!)

    Are these organizations helpful for nurses? I really know nothing about it, I just want RPNs to be respected and heard (especially since I will be one one day!)
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